If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?

Thinking about the possibility of rising up against our own government is a frightening thing for many of us. More »

Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.

Make no mistake, one day each and every one of us will be faced with a choice – to fight, or to throw our hands in the air. . . More »

Militia History

When asked what the Militia was, George Mason, one of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, said, “Who are the Militia? More »

Barack Hussein Obama is a Traitor.

The treasonous acts by Obama start with him and his conspirers hijacking the political process by registering as Democrats when, in fact, they make up a combination of socialists, progressives, communists, Marxists, anarchists, and UN-American detractors. More »

You are the American Militia.

As a citizen of the United States, you are a member of the Constitutionally guaranteed unorganized militia. More »


The Purpose Of America Is To Protect Christians

Christian Religious Persecution

There is a myth about the founding of America and a myth about the purpose of America when it first began as a nation. This myth muddles all debate about immigration, and especially the current debate about allowing Syrian Muslims

Another News Opinion About Paris, ISIS And The New World Order

Paris, ISIS And The New World Order

This news reporter nails the phony fake news about the New World Order, including the Isis fairy tale and the globalist false flags. He’s clearly educated on the issue, for there’s little doubt global agenda’s are at work here. The

Will Breaking Moral Law Break America?

Breaking Moral Law Break America

Is America experiencing inevitable decline? A nervous breakdown? Recently I reviewed Sophocles’ fifth-century play Antigone, and I was again impressed with a deep truth in it. So were my students. Here is the background first. The eponymous character decides to

Confronting the Administrative State

Administrative Government State

The Supreme Court’s 2014-15 term will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most significant of the Roberts Court. From the definition of marriage to the legality of Obamacare’s implementation, the Court issued several landmark decisions that grabbed headlines and

The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay

Shadow Government

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” ― Theodore Roosevelt America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe

21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Poverty In America

What you are about to see is more evidence that the growth of poverty in the United States is wildly out of control. It turns out that there is a tremendous amount of suffering in “the wealthiest nation on the

Cops Fired For Telling the Truth about Black Violence

Black Violence

If you know a cop, you know a hero. And today, heroes are getting fired for a new kind of bravery: telling the truth about black crime and black on white racial hostility. They already have enough to do: George

Islam Migrants and the Fall of European Civilization

Islam Migrants and the Fall of European Civilization

Whether a massive movement of foreign peoples is a migration, an invasion, or a conquest is a matter of perspective. To the ancient Romans and later Romance historians, the migration of Germanic tribes into the empire in the 5th and

Islam comes to Kansas

Islam comes to Kansas

The Muslim conquest of America continues apace. And some unexpected places are being heavily colonized. Case in point: Wichita, Kansas. Wichita is a “preferred community” for “refugee resettlement,” which makes it an epicenter for invaders. So let me give you

Francis Schaeffer Cox – I Need Your Help

Schaeffer Cox

Francis Schaeffer Cox Register Number: 16179-006 U.S. Penitentiary Marion P .O. Box 1000 Marion, IL 62959 Dated: December 17, 2014 Dear Friend of the 2nd Amendment, My name is Francis Schaeffer Cox and I’m a thirty year old political prisoner

Murder By Government

Murder By Government

Democide: The murder of unarmed, helpless men, women and children by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. This does NOT include combatants killed during times of war. In all of history, the most prolific mass murderers are not

Charlie Daniels Just DESTROYED Obama With These Three Words

Charlie Daniels on Obama

Vladimir Putin breezed into New York, did a 60 Minutes interview, addressed the United Nations General Assembly, announced what amounts to a takeover of the leadership role in the Middle East and left Barack Obama standing on the sidelines with

Inhumanity, When the Night Does Fall

Nazi atrocities

Today it is the unborn child; tomorrow it is likely to be the elderly or those who are incurably ill. Who knows but that a little later it may be anyone who has political or moral views that do not

The Traitors Of Our Republic

The Traitors Of Our Republic

Last year a retired Border Patrol Officer by the name of Zach Taylor went on camera to explain the driving force behind the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration happening on our southern border. Taylor went on to note that what

Obama Wipes Out Jobs for 56,647,000 Women – Yet 3.5 Million Foreigners Get Hired

Barack Obama Wipes Out Jobs

There is a singular fact about the Obama economy: it hasn’t “come back.” Obama’s policies have devastated the job market and millions of Americans seem permanently out of work. Now we find that 56,647,000 women are now out of the

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In US

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

On Wednesday (September 30, 2015), Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would

GOA Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz for President

Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Senator Ted Cruz for the office of President of the United States. While there are many candidates in the race, Ted Cruz is the only one who has completed and returned the

Greta Schools Obama on Constitutional Law

Greta Schools Obama on Constitutional Law

Let’s all go “Off the Record” for a minute. President Obama and I both have this common: We both went to it and taught at law school. He studied the same Constitution I did — ours, the United States. So