16 Open Gun Carriers vs Several Police Officers.

The police state starts with “Hey, you random civilian, show me your papers!”. Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany doesn’t it?

This YouTube video was shot in Kansas City, Missouri. A group of sixteen persons open carried in a Steak n’ Shake Restaurant. Soon the cops arrived, including a Paddy Wagon. The cops asked for IDs, but the open carriers refused to comply with the request. The police then tried to get the manager of the Steak n’ Shake to throw them out. He refused. He supports the 2nd Amendment, he told them. Eventually the police left and the open carriers and their families ate their meals. That manager is to be commended, along with the open carriers who refused to fork over IDs.

4 Responses to 16 Open Gun Carriers vs Several Police Officers.

  1. Rick Sherman says:

    Good on them open carry guys and manager but the refuse to identify. How many thugs and thieves would go undirected or unfound to rape our wives and kids and steal and cause damage to our homes and property. The reason to open carry is to keep us from being victimized. Identifying those that law enforcement come in contact with is simply to hold accountable those who commit crimes.

    • Ezra says:

      The ONLY time police have a right to even ask for identification is is they have reasonable suspicion you’ve committed a crime; and open carrying is not criminal, or when you are a whiteness to a crime. Also, the last time I checked, criminals NEVER open carry, but rather tend to conceal, which is the very reason you need a permit to carry concealed.

      • Jimmeh says:

        They can ask, you just don’t have to comply. also wouldn’t needing a permit for concealed carry make criminals open carry?

  2. SH68137 says:

    The original story had the best quote from the restaurant manager to the police…”The only ones making a disturbance in the restaurant are you guys (the police).”

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