All Attempts To Restore This Republic Will Be Futile.

“The only keepers of this Constitution, are the people”. – George Washington.

It is a natural progression for liberty to yield to tyranny. Man through out history has been known to have short memories, and Americans have proved to be no different. I have seen many ideas for returning us back to a Constitutional Republic, but many fall short. For the basics are over looked or just not there.

What are these basic ideas?

The principles of liberty, or natural law.

Once you understand these principles, the rest is easy.

What is 4×4? 16 right? That was easy right? Thats because you must have a grasp of mathematical principles. The same goes for anything that runs on principle.

What we are seeing today in America is a natural progression of the consequences of lost principles. We have become corrupt and vicious, as a nation, so it is no wonder we have masters instead of elected representatives.We have become an unquestioning, servile, beaten down victim, that will always produce tyrants.

The simple road back, is to relearn what has been forgotten.

Armed with these principles, the people may be lead a stray for moment, but will soon regain there course.

These principles can be applied to all things. Everything from foreign policy, to your local communities.

A major problem today in our country, is we have agents of tyranny all around us. The media (left & right), The two parties in complete control of the debates, the state funded schools, hollywood, police state, and on and on.

To beat this bombardment of statism is a simple matter. Learn the principles, do not compromise these natural unalienable rights, and be very patient while teaching other Americans this long lost knowledge.

Do you know the principles of liberty? Lets take a short and easy quiz, and see?

The patriot act states the gov can listen to you& search your personal affects without a warrant issued with probable cause. Would this qualify as ok in a free society, based on natural law?

The welfare state supports certain groups, by taking from other groups. Would this be considered theft, under natural law?

What would a foreign policy, guided by natural law, look like? Are we on that course now?

What does natural law say about money, and its basic functions? Are we on that course now?

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