Are You Actually A Patriot?

All that serve and protect, All Patriots “When The Bell Tolls. . .

Protecting The United States of America. Patriots of America, my brothers in arms, Veterans, Police, FBI, CIA, Sheriffs. We are all American citizens who depend on the security of our nation to protect those we love and care about. Each of you already know that our Federal Government has failed. It has become an instrument more aligned with our enemies than our own people. The future of America is now in the hands of those who would stand up and defend our Freedom, Rights, Laws and Constitution. It is vividly clear that the sitting president and those around him have abandoned their responsibilities their Oath and their Loyalty to our people and our Constitution. This government has abandoned our allies and embraced our enemies. It has desecrated our Constitution, broken numerous laws, and put in place policies which caused the deaths of American military personnel and citizens. Any person with a basic education and developmental IQ would have known these policies were dangerous and harmful to our country and citizens. This administration has tasked our law enforcement and some of our military with orders that are clearly against our laws and Constitution. This administration is requiring that our law enforcement as well as military turn their attention, in a negative manner, on patriotic citizens who have never committed any offense whatsoever. Many of those citizens have served this country their entire lives in the military, law enforcement or some other service position. There is no longer any mistaking their intentions, if you are an FBI Special Agent, Police Officer, Military Commissioned Officer. Sheriff or CIA Field Officer you already know these things. The hard questions must now be addressed, where do you stand? It is a crime on the part of this government to even place us in a position to have to consider this. Myself, I will stand on the side I took an Oath for, I will defend the United States Constitution as intended by our founding fathers. Not one of us need the Supreme Court to explain what our Constitution says and means. Our forefathers wrote it so that would not be necessary. I know how late it really is, as do you. I will risk my life, my fortune, and my sacred Honor to defend the Constitution, the American People, Freedom, Liberty and the American way of life, so help me God. I call on those in the United States congress as well as all state legislators to at least read the Constitution and understand it is the law you took a sacred oath, under the watchful eyes of God, to defend and adhere to. Will you stand with those who are going to do the same? God Bless and Keep The United States of America, may this be “our finest hour”. If you really care then you most likely read this to this point, I ask that you like this so other patriots know just how many they are.

Respectfully, Elevengun

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  1. Rodger sutton says:

    As the patriots from our distant past were called,
    So will I be called again to defend this great nation.

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