Behind Every Blade Of Glass – Citizens Revolt in America.

The number one thing that you can do, to fight against tyranny, is get tactical training. Think about it for a moment; civilians’ days on the range are only limited by their own beliefs. Whereas military and law enforcement are limited due to politics, budget, and time available. As civilians, we possess the capacity to train beyond the scope of what our military and law enforcement can.

Don’t believe me? Why not? Ok, ok… so you don’t have the money to buy 2.2 billion rounds of ammo and drones… either do I… however, I choose to train with snap caps, tactical gear, and fitness in mind.

Additionally, the more we learn about training, the more we come to the realization that putting rounds on paper is about 5% of what you need to be able to do. The other elements really come down to tactics. If you aren’t in shape, start rejecting one craving of something a day. Resist the urge at the grocery store to grab that Snickers at checkout, and instead, use that temptation to remind you that you should eat healthier and go grab a banana.

Every little thing we do, can prepare us for the upcoming Civil War.

I recently came across this video of civilians and law enforcement training together… it’s as close to gun-porn as it gets. These guys train well, and train often. How do you think this video makes our potential enemies feel, be it foreign or domestic? Think Russia will invade us, when YouTube is flooded with videos like this? I guarantee it will certainly make our enemies think twice.

The American people will only put up with so much until they start to push back. If the feds try to disarm this country, you’ll see an uprising, and a version of the second american revolution.

Written by Dave.

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10 Responses to Behind Every Blade Of Glass – Citizens Revolt in America.

  1. Bain Matthews says:

    Retired 30 years LEO. Nice tactical video. Our future Militia need all the training we can give them . Good Job !!!

  2. Nathan says:

    Come to America Commies and GET SOME!!!

  3. JM Foley says:

    Agree with your article BUT where do I go for such training..?? I have been looking but it’s all talk no action.. Any ideas

  4. Vaughn says:

    Yes, I am curious as well where to find training like this.

  5. Mick says:

    Google search for tactical and police training. Here in north east Florida we have many courses open to the public like this. Typically $250-400 for a 2 day course. Look on YouTube for “james yeager” and his courses/website. Push yourself to get your training now.

  6. Matheus Grunt II says:

    That’s great and all and I don’t disagree of course. However, the enemies are already here, tent set up and all. Been that way for a long time now. The police state/internal army is already built up and becoming stronger by the month. Training in any ways citizens can for what’s coming is important, just like organizing and intelligence gathering also. But 98% of LEO’s are against us and our Constitution/Bill of Rights and same applies to the politicians, bureaucrats, Congress and so forth. The ground forces of the internal army are the front-line domestic enemies we will have to engage. The cops, deputies, all of them. They’re the main force we’ll have to fight back and through to get to the Fed. Reserve, the US Govt overall, the politicians, etc.

    People want to use emotion to dictate their opinions or attitudes regarding what I’m speaking of and that’s going to get alot of groups and individual people killed, injured and betrayed. As a combat veteran who served as an 11B in OIF 1&3, I think like a warrior and therefore, my assessments of the things above are spot on from my 15 plus years of studying and analyzing our American crisis. This new civil war coming (or revolt 2.0, whichever you prefer) will be nasty and long. It will be the last war we fight here against not only the monstrous fed’s, but the federalized corrupted police/Sheriff’s and other agents of the system who have long ago abandoned their oaths and patriotism, if they ever had any to begin with.

  7. Scout says:

    We have a 5 day Combat Tracking course coming February 12-16, 2014 want to be able to determine who is watching you, who you are following, and be able to act together as a combat team while doing so in possibly hostile situations? for more info go to

  8. robert williamson says:

    What if any groups are in kansas?

  9. The One says:

    Very inspiring. Where do I go to train.

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