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Leave The United Nations

The United Nations is a grand failure that has never worked and will never work.  The idea of the U.N. was invented during the Second World War, when the term “United Nations” actually meant the wartime alliance of certain nations

The CIA Is Treasonously Spreading Misinformation To The General Public

Congressman Peter King has exposed just how alarming the CIA’s actions have been, especially considering there is no consensus within the agency about the Russian hacking theory. “This violates all protocol. It’s almost as if people in the intelligence community

TSA Screening Is Ineffective, Invasive, Unlawful And Unhealthy

Pointing to evidence that the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) airport screening protocols are ineffective, invasive, unlawful and contrary to public safety, The Rutherford Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) have asked a federal court to reject the agency’s established

Ammon Bundy, And Six Others Have Been Acquitted In The Oregon Standoff Trial

Ammon Bundy, and six others have been acquitted in the largely media ignored Oregon standoff trial. The acquittal telegraphs a message to U.S. citizenry that justice can still be found in American courts. Written off by mainstream media for months

Ethnic Cleansing? California Town Now Less Than 10 Percent White

Ethnic cleansing used to be a bad thing.  But in America, when it happens to white people, it’s called progress and the “new face of California.” The town of Santa Ana has been almost 100% purged of white people.  They

Tyranny Will Rule If Hillary Clinton Takes The Oval Office

As election day approaches, I feel a dark premonition that we are about to lose our freedoms. The portents are all too clear. If Hillary Clinton takes the Oval Office, she will impose by executive order a list of so-called

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next?

A History Of Manufactured Regime Change And Civil Unrest: Is America Next? “These revolutions are portrayed in the western media as popular democratic revolutions, in which the people of these respective nations demand democratic accountability and governance from their despotic

The Enemy Is Us

Your government is on red alert: between 2006 and 2014, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), an agency of the Department of Agriculture, spent nearly $4.8 million to purchase shotguns, propane cannons, liquid explosives, pyro supplies, drones, thermal

Hillary Clinton And A Corrupted FBI

Time to revisit FBI Director James Comey’s statement that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Not only was it a lie that allowed Hillary to abscond, we have been predictably rewarded with more lying, more evidence that

If Hillary Clinton Takes The Presidency, It Is The End Of The United States

Obama to Clinton: Passing the Torch of Treachery The Obama Administration has been characterized by not only a lack of transparency on issues that surface, but a deliberate obfuscation to mask true actions and intentions. There are literally no limits

Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start At Any Time

It seems like you can’t watch the news anymore without stumbling onto a story that contains terrifying global implications. Not since the Cold War have tensions been so high among the nations of the world. You can strike sparks just

IRS Still Unrestrained On Unconstitutional Asset Seizures

IRS is still unrestrained on unconstitutional asset seizures despite deal to return confiscated cash. Since 2014, the Internal Revenue Service has ceased confiscating (stealing) the property of innocent individuals. Or have they? No one wants to throw cold water on

The FBI is protecting Islamic Terrorists

Add Orlando shooter Omar Mateen to the FBI’s Most Protected Terrorist list. Like Ft. Hood’s Nidal Hasan and the Boston Marathon’s Tsarnaev brothers, Mateen has joined the protected and privileged class of suspected Muslim terrorists allowed to roam free until

The FBI is treasonously seeking to cut more holes in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

The same FBI is quietly and perniciously seeking to cut more holes in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. That amendment — which requires the government to obtain a search warrant issued by a judge based upon some evidence of

Thomas Jefferson’s Response to Muslims in 1801 is More Important Today Than Ever

America’s first war with Islamic terrorists should be remembered. The First Barbary War (1801–1805) also known as the Tripolitan War or the Barbary Coast War, was the first of two wars fought between the United States and the Northwest African

Abolish the Department of Justice

The Obama Justice Department has revealed its final descent into naked politics and totalitarian bullying. Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, two transparently guilty criminals whose crimes are compounded by the fact that both are also lawyers, will face no indictments

The IRS Is Still Harassing Conservative Non-Profits

You’d think the last thing the IRS would do would be to continue harassing and targeting conservative groups, given the scrutiny and very public criticism it’s already received for doing so. You’d think they’d clean up their act and start

Treasonous Acts Committed By Hilliary, FBI And Justice Department

The FBI has treasonously looked the other way on a violation of the Constitution by Hillary Clinton. Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution forbids office holders from accepting anything of value from a foreign state, yet husband Bill Clinton collected