How To Disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles.

As of 2013, constitutional Americans have witnessed an increase in hostile posturing by the federal government. One of the most notable actions was the purchase of 2,700 MRAP Light Armored Vehicles by the Department of Homeland Security. A purchase warranted as unnecessary and irrational by seasoned military and police personnel. This single purchase of MRAPs is understandably unnerving for those in the survival community.

Its high-time Americans wake up and realize our nation is under a continual threat of tyranny. Now let’s step off the soapbox and get informed. When and if (when stressed more than if) the federal government uses light-armored vehicles against Americans, we will need to be fully informed prior to their use. You will need to know what an MRAP is, its capabilities, and its weaknesses. This guide will assist you and your survival group.

MRAPs Light Armored Vehicles Synopsis

Protected Light Armored Vehicles

An MRAP is a mine-resistant ambush protected light armored vehicle, ergo the acronym MRAP. There are several classes of MRAPs; RG33, MRUV, JERRV, M-ATV, MRAP II Cougar, BMRV. There are at least 22,000 MRAPs currently being used by US Armed Forces, and over 2,700 MRAP Cougars in use by the Department of Homeland Security. With plenty more MRAPs in production. MRAPs being used by DHS have been retrofitted for domestic missions, which means nothing at all because the vehicles still maintain their battle-ready capabilities.

The best offense is a good defense. The MRAPs have led to countless successful missions in the Middle East. This is primarily due to the MRAPs hull, V shaped and protected by Frag Kit 6 armor. MRAPs can withstand explosive damage caused by improvised munitions and IEDs (improvised explosive devices). The MRAP protects a crew of up to eight and two vehicle operators that includes a gun-shield for.50 Caliber M2HB/7.62mm Caliber M240G operators.

The FK6 Armor provides effective blast mitigation while protecting from fragmentary damage. Basically, even after suffering significant damage, the MRAP can continue moving, an added benefit of the Hutchinson run-flat tires.

With further retrofitting by DHS of MRAPs, a target-acquisition sensor turret can be mounted to the vehicle equipped with .50 Caliber M2HB or a MK19 40mm Grenade Launcher. Ironically, this turret system is known as XM153 CROWS II (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station). CROWS II Operators acquire targets with the use of day cameras, IR (infrared) cameras, and laser guided range finders…all within the safety of the RG33 MRAP.

MRAP Cougars are equipped with MaxxForce 10 engines with 375hp capable of reaching speeds of 65 mph with a range of approximately 420 miles. Its maximum payload is up to 6,000 lbs. for a combined weight of 38,000 lbs.

MRAP Disabling Methodology

The MRAPs have significant weaknesses that can be exposed during combat. However, MRAPs will pose a considerable threat to your militia or survival group. Integrate MRAP disabling in FTX until you have battle-tested methodology established for disabling light armored vehicles. The primary disadvantage civilian based militia and survival groups are faced with is the unavailability of required military-grade ordnance.

Disable MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles

EFP MRAP Disabling

Survival and militia groups should understand the need for improvised munitions while identifying responsible munitions application planning.

EFPs/SEFPs are self-forging warhead projectiles that produce a shaped charge to penetrate FK6 armor from standoff distances.

Don’t have any EFPs in your bunker? Thought not. This is where improvised munitions i.e. explosive devices come into theater. While IED EFPs and SIM EFPs are not military grade, they are still effective to a certain degree. The charges are generally cylindrical, fabricated from commonly available metal pipe, with the forward end closed by a concave copper disk-shaped liner to create a shaped charge. Explosive is loaded behind the metal liner to fill the pipe. Basically, the housing is glass filled polyurethane with an iron liner packed with a RDX C-4 mixture.

A military-grade example of this is the M2 SLAM(selectable lightweight attack munitions). Which is pocket sized and only a couple pounds. Don’t let the size fool you, the M2 SLAM can pierce the MRAP armor from 25 feet. For detailed instructions you can study the US Army Issued Improvised Munitions Handbook.

MRAP Armor Piercing Guns

To some degree .50 caliber firearms like the .50cal Browning Machine Gun (BMG) and the Barrett M82 can be effective, the disadvantage is unit exposure. Forcing the operator(s) to give up their position, in addition to engaging a target equipped with aerial support communication with surrounding ground forces. At all times, survival groups and militias should consider size of forces and ordnance in theater before engaging an MRAP.

MRAP Tip and Disable

The MRAP has a high center of gravity, thus making the American landscape a weapon against MRAP units. With the use of CCD, Decoy Tactics, and unit force application creating controlled movement into defined positions that include; weak bridges, bad roads, roads above grade, embankments and etc..

With this tip and disable method survival groups run a lower risk of exposure while preserving ammunition and ordnance. However, if hull penetration is required after the disabling of an MRAP the operators are likely to engage your group. Before approaching, your unit must take cover positions and engage the operators as they evacuate the MRAP. Unit leaders should always make the call…eliminate, or apprehend. Apprehension is only contingent upon overall mission success.

MRAP Pitfalls

Survival groups can protect established FOB’s (forward operating bases) and strategic sites by using a very old trap known as the pitfall. This method is typically used for animals, but the same methodology can be applied in the presence of suitable time allowance.

Pitfalls are holes in the ground with a false floor that have been camouflaged and disguised to emulate the floor-bed. Due to the size of LAVs/MRAPs the hole would have to be at least 18 x 8 x 4. This method should be applied by militia groups of substantial size that allow for a group of six to dig the hole in less than an hour, or when a backhoe is available.

Urban MRAP Disabling

Urban MRAP disabling will be reliant upon IEDs and .50 caliber rifles, other considerations can be made for smaller townships with fewer POEs (points of entry) that can be blockaded. Upon the arrival of one or more MRAPs at the POEs, militia units can acquire MRAP targets from a more advantageous position.

Blockades should consist of heavy equipment, abandoned cars, and other heavy payloads that are beyond the MRAPs debris clearing capabilities. Militia Exercises of this nature should take into account the MRAP CROWS II and M240G Operators capable of engaging targets occupying highrises and other buildings.

In closing… such operations that include anti-MRAP defensive measures should be performed utilizing predator drone evasion and concealment techniques previously outlined on usCrow. MRAPs are nothing to joke about, they are a threat to your survival group and should always be treated as such.

A fair amount of deliberation took place before the writing of this article due to the active use of MRAPs in the Middle East by American Armed Forces. However, the methods reviewed in this guide had previously been established or are not operationally effective against USAF MRAPs in the Middle East.

The below video demonstrates how the government is a police state.

UPDATE: March 24, 2014

Stop an MRAP

59 Responses to How To Disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles.

  1. Chris Ponte says:

    Good article. If you here of Oregon receiving any more of these please contact Oregon cop block at

  2. I hope that no terrorists are looking at this information. OPSEC guys come on. This could get some young soldiers killed….

    • Sean Alexander says:

      Yea this will likely get a good ol boy killed …

    • Tetvet1968 says:

      There is one killer of complex machinery, lack of proper preventative maintenance. All the insider information is handy but they will eventually die on their own. I have been in equipment maintenance my entire life (66 years old) and I can attest to that. The MRAPs are complicated and must be maintained with a constant eye on fluid conditions. The young kids that will be driving these things coming after us will not be competent maintenance types. They will also not be first line military men and women, they will be the left overs. The first class crews will join us in the fight to take back America or will be jailed by military authorities for not agreeing to shoot down Americans citizens.

      • Sandman says:

        Obviously, even after all those years, you have your head up your @$$. If you shoot the Brake Chamber, or in this case the Spring Brake Chamber, you most likely will damage the spring brake which is what mechanically applied the brakes. In any case, the MRAP will not stop cold in it’s tracks! Also, not distinguishing between the front and rear brake chambers, will mislead dumb asses like the one who wrote this article. I’ve worked extensively and have carnal knowledge of all MRAP variants since 2005. This was by far the best money spent. And as far as the technical complicity of the MRAP, there’s much more to worry about than freaking fluid levels. These are COTS chassis and power trains, a truck driver can drive and maintain it.

        • Clifford Morse says:

          Sandman if I put a 12 gauge steel ball through the brake chamber and the diaphragm is damaged the safety spring will apply when I hit the second one it will right there until someone gets out and manually unlocked it or more help showed up and until help showed up won’t more than 1 get out !!!

          • Cassandra says:

            Brincialle for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

          • Great post. This really give me as one of your fans an up close and personal touch to who you are. I cant lie, I hate when someone calls me by my production name but at the same time it feels good!

          • http://www./ says:

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      • ron lardon says:

        yes sir

    • M Hunt says:

      well, I’m almost positive the terrorists ALREADY know all this, and have since fighting the Soviets back in the 1980’s. It’s not like this is “new information”, you do realize that we’ve been in the Gulf for 10-15 years at least and these tactics have been used there for way longer than that…the terrorists have their own web sites with FAR more detailed information than this article that we’ve found on various laptops. ISIS has real, college-graduated chemical engineers working with them…people who actually understand the math and chemistry behind explosives and have access to university-level labs in their captured territory. The terrorists know far more about this than the “average American survivalist” knows since they practice and use their skills every day fighting us as opposed to putting a website together (although they do that too weirdly enough). Not saying this site isn’t quite informational, but really any terrorist already has access to all this information.

    • Steven says:

      While I was thinking the same thing, these methods are already employed by the enemy. Nothing new for the bad guys here.

    • daddyMCshot says:

      umm…. who do you think taught us service men this crud? the enemy we fought in the sand box…

      “when we are finally surrounded, it becomes the time to dance”

  3. mike says:

    Jason, did you read the last paragraph?

    • Allen says:

      I did, Mike. And just because they make some sort of disclaimer as supposed “experts” claiming that this is not information usable against Soldiers in the Middle East, doesn’t mean that it’s accurate or truthful. They are dead wrong with that disclaimer and this article is damned near treason.

      • guy says:

        Treason against this occupying government, or the American people? We are not the same.

      • Rayray says:

        This equipment is being sold to local police forces that violate prohibitions against unlawful search and seizure. Perhaps it is time for generals to order the troops home to defend the people against the political class, which daily engages in true treason. This would be a bloodless solution, as the political class and the coward “law enforcement officers” who attack civilians would be too afraid to confront soldiers.

  4. SH68137 says:

    What would Thomas Jefferson think about the Gov’t use of this equipment AGAINST his nieghbors?

    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry”
    —Thomas Jefferson

  5. guy says:

    Thank you for this information. This is potentially useful today, as the government and the American people are mutually exclusive.

  6. Barry McClendon says:

    As the poop starts hitting the fan, the best and most legal option for protecting personal property would be “POSTED” signs and a forced pathway(s) into a pitfall(s). Very doubtful they would ever stop at your property boundary and announce they have a search warrant.

  7. Dave says:

    I would think going after soft targets and supplies would make a lot more since.

  8. Phillip H. Stoup says:

    I have seen these up close. They are big and fast and it would be suicide to attack them with small arms. I would only attack one indirectly using fire as a weapon. Rubber tires burn well no matter what they are on.

    • Sandman says:

      They employ Halon extinguishers for the tires. I’ve been blown up in one in Dec 2006, outside of Bagram, and am here today to talk about the significance of the MRAP….It’s V-shaped, monoqoque hull systems and armor. Tires are expendable not war fighters.

  9. mike says:

    YES to The Use OF FIRE!!!!

  10. Militia Commando says:

    I drove these in afghanistan. The MRAPS are very top heavey, they have to be on flat surfaces at all time. MAT-V’s are hardcore M-RAPS, they will go anywhere, but also they are somewhat top heavy. MAT-V’s carry 4 people with a crow system, 5 with one in the open touret, Max-Pro’s carry about 6 with a crow, 7 with an open turret. Those are the two armoured vehicles that carry soldier’s that will likely be used against us. IED’s will blow their tires off with no problem and the MRAP usually tips over after losing a tire. The taliban uses fertilizer to make their IED’s.. they fill up an old expended artillery round or a plastic jug with the explosive. Once their MRAP is diabled, they will dismount once the other vehicles set up fighting positions around the blown up MRAP. They are also made to break apart when hitting an IED inorder to absorb the blast. The front end with the motor is designed to break off. The Taliban never directly engaged MRAPS with small arms fire. They always would just disable it and ambush people as they dismount it by blowing a tire off, but within minutes usually helicopters are over head ready to engage the taliban. The crow system is way more deadlier then you think, and I’m not going to tell you how deadly it is for fear of being charged with treason. Just know this, you better hope the crow system operator is a retard, else u better not expose yourself, you better be behind some solid structures because it will see you ass plain as day. It can lock on to you from a mile away and tag your ass better then a sniper, and if it has a Mark 19 and a .50, you might as well stay away from it and leave it alone unless you know you have a better advantage then they do. The taliban know exactly what the crow system is and they usually dont mess with a convoy of mraps if they know they got crow systems. If they just have open turrets, it’s game on, just aim for the head. You can disable the crow system, all it is is a highly sophisticated camera with a gun attached to it. I highly doubt the police can afford the Crow system anyways. That is worth more then the MRAPS they are buying and you need technicians to be able to maintain it for when it malfunctions or breaks. Like you said, use a .50 cal. Just shoot the crow system, but u better make sure the first shot does it, and you better make sure other snipers are shooting the other crow systems on other vehicles at the same time and they better make their shots count, because it will detect that round coming and automatically aim at the point of origin and zoom in on the target, so be behind cover on some kind of encline or obstable that the mrap can’t get too. That’s what the taliban did. Oh and about this opsec shit? LOL it’s called common sense. All the talibans and middle eastern terrorists know this shit if not way more then we do. I seen an MRAP get ripped in half and turn to a pile of twisted mettle and I have no clue how they did that unless they had some military hardware. Hopes this educates you freedom loving patriots. God Speed and may the Constitutional Republic be restored by the grace of God Almighty and the fighting hearts of the people.

  11. Militia Commando says:

    Oh and to the guy that said set the tires on fire. LOL Nah dude, first of all that is a suicide mission, second of all, those tires stop bullets, what makes you think a fire is going to disable it? Maybe if they let it burn for a long time, then maybe, but remember they got fire extinquishers on board and as soon as the coast is clear, they will put it out. They also have a spare tire too, so if the tire is completely fucked, they will swap it the first chance they get.

  12. Militia Commando says:

    Hahahahaha I lied about everything. There is nothing you guys can do to an MRAP unless you have like armour peircing rocket launchers or a tank mine. Maybe if you jack an abrams tank you can take them out. Other then that they are pretty much indestructable.

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  13. Militia Commando says:

    Fuck! How do you delete these comments?

  14. Oregon Militia Division Commander says:

    Thanks for the info brothers. I will relay it to my men.

  15. Arizona State Militiamen says:

    TALLYHOE!!! THANKS YALL! I was wonderin how to disable them humvees on steroids! So you say dig a hole huh? Good idea!

  16. The RESISTANCE says:



    Thanks for the info guys! Keep up the good work and expose these evil men as much as possible to everyone, even if they think your crazy. We need to wake as much people as possible. Read the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Milton Cooper, and you will pretty much know what’s going on. Bill Cooper was assassinated by the government for exposing them for the evil they are doing after he wrote that book. We need to take back this country into the hands of The People, for The People, By the People. Love live the U.S. Constitution!

  18. The Chemist says:

    Please remember that militia can use chemistry to uphold a reasonable resistance. Bacon fat to glycerin soap to ammonium nitrate can make a nice smoke screen and is the basis for nitroglycerin explosives. I do recommend anyone in your situation to learn how to make some noise with some chemical toys. All of your farmers have anhydrous ammonia that can kill very quickly. You cant take out mvrp’s with that but you can shut down bridges and tunnels.

  19. Jerry Atrics says:

    Sit in the shadows…until they stop for ground recon…when they’re out, aim at legs(no protection)…now u just have a scared driver trying to get away…run wabbit run

  20. Buck Wild says:

    C’mon guys, these thing arn’t tanks, I would like to see how they deal with simple things like a common concrete barrier lying on it’s side, or how about a downed tree, what if there was a really bad ‘storm’, and there are downed power lines?
    Just sayin…

  21. Matheus Grunt says:

    I tell you what, when the games begin (and I use the term games lightly, because it’s not a game) here, the police and all of this equipment that we’ve been paying for that is being used against us now & is being planned against us then, we’re going to make sure we make them cry before taking their heads off (now I sound like a Taliban insurgent, LOL). Anywho, there’s alot of us out here who know how to disable and engage these things by not just an offensive level, but also defensively. Alot of us have also operated these things in the military. The cops which now have one of these in most depts all around America only have them for one reason & that is because the govt wants to try to control us and intimidate us from revolting. Sabotage, recon, etc, these things work great. Guerrilla/conventional/spec-ops tactics will work just fine too.

  22. Current Resident says:

    I talked to a mechanic who worked on these in Afganistan. I asked what armor do they have over the front of the radiator, he said they have 1/4″ slats meant to deflect the round up and they work for most all firearms found on the battlefield. However any highpowered rifle with FMJ projectiles will penetrate the 1/4″AR slats. Aim low just over the bumper and you can get lead into the accessory drive case on the front of the block. If you get lucky and break a gear in that case the motor will die almost instantly. Take your deer rifle out and shoot at some 1/4″ plate from 100m or so. If it penetrates it then angle the iron at about a 45 degree angle and see if you can still penetrate it. You’ll know what to do from there.

    • Jodi says:

      Normally I’m against killing but this article slehugterad my ignorance.

    • Mi padre empezó con acúfenos hace años, poco a poco su calidad de vida ha ido mermándose. Vive angustiado con los pitidos del oido, eso le ha cambiado el caracter, es mucho más irritable y además vive lleno de miedos. Nunca pensé que él pudiera terminar así. Es duro ver cómo la vida de tu padre se va apagando antes de tiempo. Maldita ansiedad!

  23. Future Militia says:

    So once the MRAP is disabled and the occupants dismounted what then? Do you move in and engage as they dismount or take hostages?
    Excellent work lads keep it up!


  25. northwoods says:

    just fire bomb it with Molotov cocktails, when it gets hot enough the thugs will come out.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Don’t bother taking MRAP crews prisoner, execute them on the spot. If they were in that vehicle when it was sent your way, they are scum deserving only death and eternal damnation. Kill them all, let whatever god this disgusting universe has sort them out.

  27. There are several weaknesses these vehicles have which people operating them should take note of. One, they are underpowered for thier weight and size, you could out run them in a prius. 350 hp is not that much for something so heavy for example a common freight truck will have 500hp and a Dodge Hellcat 700. So they can be blocked and outrun very easy. Second, they have a high center of gravity unlike a Hummer, so an MRAP can easily be tipped over by a bucket truck or tractor. Third, they still have glass and even a 10mm glock with the right ammo will go through balistic glass like butter. Four, fire cleanses all, magnesium shot out of a shotgun is liquid metal, rubber is combustable, rubber tires + liquid metal = fire. Lastly the MRAP only gets you where you are going, once there, you need to get out, which puts you in a very very very very bad spot as anyone waitong for you will be watching for your head to pop out of one of the doors and although the MRAP is IED proof, your head certainly isnt.

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