Do We Sit By And Watch, Or Do We Show Up And Fight?

The citizenry, mimicking the Germans of the 1930s passively goes along with each of these baby steps, never quite chafing to the point of outright rebellion. The end result is a society that has made itself voluntarily monitored 24/7, agreed to centralized background checks just to exercise a Constitutional right, that has agreed to being either fondled or x-rayed by blue glove-wearing half-wits at airports. With our own tax dollars (annually self-assessed, of course) we have equipped an army of steroid-pumped henchmen who are ready, willing, and able to not just Taser us at the slightest sign of noncompliance, but even willing to arrest and drag us to a hospital for multiple rectal examinations because of the mere suspicion that we “might be hiding something.”

Unless we individually and collectively develop some backbone, right quick, then it will be too late. The chains will be too solidly forged. The web of surveillance will be too complete. And the cross-correlated list of malcontents will be small and easy to round up. Unless we get active politically and forcefully stand up to tyranny, then we’ll become outnumbered.

Benjamin Franklin presciently wrote: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

You were right, Ben.


Here it is folks, the challenge for our generation, most likely to be answered in this decade: The next time there is another Ruby Ridge or Waco-style “standoff” with “extremists”, We The People will have two choices: We can passively sit by, watch it all on high definition television, wringing our hands and just muttering “That’s so awful.” Or, will enough of us grab our gear and drive there and set up a perimeter around their perimeter. Once in place, we’ll show some backbone and take photos, take video, take names, and if need be, be prepared to take lives. The choice is yours, America. Are you going to show up to the event and do what is right, or are you going to let the ninja-jackboot-thugs simply haul us off to the gulag one by one?

I’ll leave you with another quote from the brilliant mind of Benjamin Franklin: “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

Written by James Wesley Rawles.

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6 Responses to Do We Sit By And Watch, Or Do We Show Up And Fight?

  1. Matthew Sutton says:

    I am one willing to stand, and hold my ground with other Oath Keepers. My only admonishment is this: we must choose that moment VERY carefully because the hole country, the rest of the world and yes, even history will judge those of us who start the second American revolution to try to save our republic.

    • Igmar Gobitz says:

      Stand up and fight for nothing dumbass like the dog you are. Because the ‘hole’ country is with you…. right. You’re an anarchist and will die in shame.

    • Mike Victor says:

      Your comments are not only adolescent, but very disturbing. If you hate America so much, why do you not find a country more to your liking rather than advocate violence against it? It is a crime, by the way, to conspire to commit murder or the armed overthrow of our constitutional republic. You should be ashamed of yourself and I hope that the Secret Service visits you soon.

  2. Incitatus says:

    • Godwin’s Law

    There is a concept called ‘Godwin’s Law.’ It observes that virtually every debate regarding public policy will ultimately degrade to evoking Hitler or Nazis as a means to discredit the opposing view.

    “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.” (Godwin’s Law)'s_law

    Consequently Hitler has been credited with everything from banning God from government schools to outlawing gun ownership. It should be noted that Hitler’s rise to power can be attributed to the skillful use of the media rather than violent force.

    “…the Germans of the 1930s passively [went] along…” because they were ecstatically happy with Hitler and the NSDAP particularly after the nation successfully recover from a chaotic Weimar Republic, a rampant inflation and and abject depression that drove many Germans to suicide. Hitler and Roosevelt both came to power in 1929. In 5 years Germany was a teaming, thriving nation withridiculously low unemployment and well on itsway to become a super power again.

    Why would the German people feel the need to be defiant and revolt?

    Hitler was wildly popular and adored by the people in all Germany and faced little opposition. He had no need to ban guns among the general population. The threat of armed revolution among the populace was non-existent and violent street crime, typical in today’s America, was highly unusual among the orderly and well-behaved German culture.

    Ironically, it was Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower who imposed confiscation of firearms in Germany. American soldiers have been faulted for absconding hordes of guns from Germans after the Allied victory and the Russians have been summarily condemned for executing Germans found with guns or bullets in their possession.

    Note, also, that The German Weapons Act (German: Waffengesetz) of 1972 is considered one of the most restrictive gun laws imposed by any government and was enacted several decades after the demise of Hitler and his Third Reich.

    Unlike most world leaders, Hitler toured the nation in an open vehicle, completely undeterred by the prospect of being taken out by a crazed gunman.

    The last American president who tried that was John F. Kennedy.

    While Hitler’s socialist and fascist policies are anathema to “liberty-loving conservatives”, no one can argue with his colossal success at reviving Germany’s post-war economy in jusy a few years, while Roosevelt’s real socialist program kept America under abject depression for 13 years.

  3. Billy says:

    We encircled Waco…so what happened …innocents burned, ..encircling doesn’t work …Marines taught me in an ambush turn toward contact and unleash Hellfire

    • “We encircled Waco” Who “encircled Waco” other than the feds? I don’t recall hearing/reading about any group encircling the Feds at Waco.
      “encircling doesn’t work” If there was some group that had the Feds encircled, they did not do anything, which would explain why “encircling” DID NOT WORK in Waco. But does not preclude it from working elsewhere.
      I am also a Marine and encircling does work. It is a tried and true tactic in warfare. The Germans perfected it first with their Panzer divisions and the pincher movements, enveloping and cutting off enemy forces. Your comment about how Marines are trained to react is irrelevant when it comes to the Feds, DHS, and local/Federal Law Enforcement. They haven’t the training of the Marines.

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