Harsh Consequences If The Government Continues Violating And Alienating Our Natural Rights.

Adam Kokesh is correct to very strongly confront and give a reasonable warning to this “government” of the harsh consequences if they continue violating and alienating our natural rights.

There is no easier way to block the removal of a tyrannical “government” than to threaten and arrest anyone carrying a gun in Washington D.C. — but in any case, Washington D.C.’s informal, (i.e., unconstitutional), “laws” forbidding the carrying of guns are not higher than our Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment of our Constitution. And this is why Adam Kokesh on the 4th of July, 2013 directly confronted Washington D.C.’s unconstitutional “laws” while videotaping himself loading a shotgun in Washington’s “Freedom Plaza“. Sure enough Kokesh was arrested five days later, on July 9, 2013, and accused of sedition — accused of inciting violence against the “government”. But this “government” is in fact not lawful authority. It is rather a “government” with a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing the same Object—evincing a design to reduce the People under absolute Despotism.

In the video below Adam Kokesh is in fact lawfully and very reasonably giving this illegitimate “federal government” a serious warning (similar to a shot across the bow)—warning them of harsh consequences if they do not quickly adhere to our natural rights (“humanity”) accounted for in our Constitution.

NOTE: The “government’s” use of arbitrary (unconstitutional) “laws” to block courageous Americans from the lawful use of their guns in Washington D.C. and this “government’s” implementation of arbitrary “laws,” (e.g., the Patriot Act involving the secret surveillance of the American People—taking and storing their personal and private data), is not representative government.

No matter how you phrase it, this is a lie to alienate all of our natural rights.

No matter how you phrase it, this is a lie to alienate all of our natural rights.

Spying on the people of a nation is how corrupt elites in totalitarian states maintain their power. Totalitarian oligarchies are always a group of friends that appoint one another to positions of authority within the government to protect themselves from accountability. And there should no doubt, that the spying on the American People is being used to find out which Americans and how many have guns — to make it much easier to confiscate their guns.

NOTE: The “Militia” accounted for in Article II of our Constitution prohibits the “government” from regulating it, i.e., the right to keep (to own) and bear arms is not a privilege, (i.e., no license or “gun registry” is required), and in fact all government is prohibited by our Constitution from keeping track of who owns and carries guns, because if government does keep track then the essence of this right is affected, i.e., restricting the effectiveness of the Militia against tyrants. In fact a “gun registry” would give tyrants even more strategic information than their secret surveillance on the Militia would gather. Our right to keep and bear arms is a right of resistance not to be shared with the government: Any act by the “government” affecting the essence of this right is not only an infringement of this right, but the alienation of our entire Constitution.

What is most disturbing is that all those pushing for a “gun registry” have sworn to support and defend our Constitution, but are not. Apparently, they share the “audacity” (the arrogance) of Obama, not for the well-being of the People, but to dictate and enslave the People — and their “audacity” (arrogance) to accuse Adam Kokesh of inciting violence when they know full and well that he has the “right” and the “duty” to warn this illegitimate and abusive “government” of the very harsh consequences for willful and continued violations and alienation of our natural rights, i.e., “our humanity.” All of their arbitrary “laws” are in fact not “CHANGE,” but unconstitutional and therefore void.

The following video shows Obama’s audacity (arrogance) being acted out by a policeman abusing the American People—threatening to kill Citizens (kill his employers) because they have the “right” to own and carry a gun.

And look at how Mohammad Morsi reacted when the Egyptian People arrested him: He immediately accused them of a “coup”. Apparently, he thought Obama’s aid to Egypt (guns, tear gas and other weapons) were only for his exclusive use, not for the Egyptian People to remove him from office.

Obama and his co-conspirators are not afraid of peaceful protests, not even of BIG LOUD peaceful protests as we have seen in Brazil and Egypt. What Obama and his co-conspirators are very afraid of is Americans of integrity firing guns at them. And this is exactly why Obama and his minions want to alienate all our rights to guns—using propaganda and a very poor educational system (dumbing down Americans), including the false claim of “gun control” (to control people, not guns), and preparing to declare martial law—supplanting our Constitution with their elitist totalitarian state—usurping the Sovereignty of the People.

All you men of integrity out there, Adam Kokesh is obviously not only a man of words: He puts his words into action, and it is genuine action that our nation needs now. It is time for anyone who is serious about defending our nation to form up with Adam Kokesh and prepare for an armed march, prepare to meet the enemy. Beware, Obama is a very clever political strategist (manipulator) and very dangerous, and even more dangerous because he and his co-conspirators (many of them in Congress) have known all along that he is trespassing in the White House and have no intention of removing him. Instead they have been preparing to declare martial law. We the People are now not simply up against Obamacare and a financial crisis, but Obama’s intent is to utterly destroy the heritage and foundational principles of our country.

Our founding fathers fought for and very carefully accounted for each one of our natural rights. They laid the foundations of an exceptional nation: We the People of the United States are a nation of “exceptionalism” and most of us are proud to be Americans. Obama wants to destroy our nationalism and give our nation to the global order that has put him in the White House.

And the whole world is watching us — not watching Congress, because they know that something is very seriously wrong in this Congress — the world knows that the United States of America is not a nation ruled by law. Is allowing tyranny to flourish in our nation the example that We want to be to our children, their children, future generations, and the rest of humanity? Do We want to give up the freedom accounted for in our Constitution? Is our Constitution to be only ink on paper in the future? I am one American who will not sit and watch the likes of Obama and his administration of traitors take our country.

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    I dont really understand what is True!!! How can this be happening?

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