I’m Sick And Tired Of Lies.

We are a nation of liars. All of us. You , me, the media, the government. Deceit has become as natural to Americans as breathing. Lies are the fuel that fires the world. They emanate from the Father of Lies.

Jesus made it pretty clear when he was speaking to the religious leaders of his day.

“You are of your father the Devil and the works of your father you will do.”

Even though upwards of 85% of Americans claim to be Christian, they are not. Calling oneself an eagle does not make it possible to fly.

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…

This is no longer a Christian nation and most people are not Christians.

Pretty harsh stuff, eh?

The truth is harsh. It sounds mean, hateful, and intolerant. But the way one swallows the medicine does not determine whether or not the medicine is effective.

Anything that is not the truth is a lie. A half-truth is a full lie. They call that deception. That is how most Americans operate. There is no “no-spin zone” anymore.

Bill Clinton famously said to the American people. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” It was a half-truth. He didn’t consider oral sex “sexual relations.”

If you were to ask your spouse if he/she had ever had sexual relations with another person outside the bonds of matrimony and he/she responded “only oral sex,” would you consider him/her faithful to the marriage vows?

Bill Clinton uttered “the skin of the truth, stuffed with a lie.” Sorta like a stuffed sausage. The appearance makes the meat easier to swallow.

That is the way this world operates. But they have given it another name. They call it “spin”, or “savvy.” But calling it a rose doesn’t change the way it smells. And we have become accustomed to the smell. The stench is attractive to us.

Our old dog likes to go out in the grass and roll in the skunk urine. He figures that if he smells like the skunk he won’t notice the odor. But he still stinks.

America stinks. Rolling in the urine will not make us smell better…it only makes the smell unnoticeable to the one who rolls. Soon everyone rolls in it and no one notices the smell.

“So help me God” are the four words that usually conclude an oath for public office. It is an admission by the testifier that there is a Higher Authority to which one will answer. It is an acknowledgement of the character of Almighty God.

He expects Truth. He speaks Truth. He IS the Truth. That is what an oath acknowledges.

But what was it then-candidate Obama said in 2008? Watch it here.

Don’t tell me that words don’t matter. ‘I have a dream.’ Just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ Just words. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Just words.

What a lying sack of sausage. He hoists his leg and sprays all over the land and the media runs out in the yard and rolls in it. Lap dogs. Lapping the urine up and breathing the odor all over us.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick all the lying.

I’m sick of Obama lying. I’m sick of congressman lying. I’m sick of Senators lying. I’m sick of Judges lying. I’m sick of the media lying. I’m sick of the talking-heads lying. I’m sick of my repairman lying. I’m sick of kids lying. I’m sick of advertisers lying. I’m sick of the schools lying. I’m sick of pastors lying. I’m sick of “Christians” lying. I’m sick of statistics lying.

“Everybody does it.” You may be thinking. “It is the way of the world. Telling the truth makes you less successful. You’ve gotta say what people want to hear.”

That is what preaching has become in America’s pulpits; Ear-tickling, scratching the itch, telling only part of the Truth. The uplifting part. The happy part. The make-me-feel-good part.

Our pulpits are making sausage…stuffing the skin with a lie. The people no longer notice the smell of sin. They smell just like the world. So they vote for Obama. They re-elect their Congressman. They believe Bill O’Reilly.

They reject the Truth. They don’t read their Bibles. They don’t keep their word. They put their kids in government schools.

Because they believe the lies. They think the schools are harmless. They think calling oneself a Christian and serving the Father of Lies is ok. They think God doesn’t notice. They think the government can be trusted. They think teaching lies to the children in government schools is “education.” They think their religion and their politics should be separate. They think God smiles at their lies. They think “Jesus is just all right with me.” Fools. Lying fools.

Damn lies. All of it. Damn lies. And I am sick of it. Let me give you some truth. It may taste bitter to you only because you no longer recognize the sweet savor or Truth. You have spent too much time drinking the Devil’s Kool-Aid…served to you by those you trust.

    • Abortion is murder and we know it. Your pastor knows it. But he is too cowardly to fight it. You think he is brave because he “preaches” about it. Preaching isn’t fighting.

    • “Gays” cannot be “married.” Homosexual behavior is sinful. Sodomy is not a civil right any more than pedophilia is.

    • The leftist-agenda is based on bullying. They force you to accept their beliefs. They punish you if you don’t. The use the power of government to slap you around. They force you to tolerate what you find offensive while they tolerate nothing that you believe in. They accuse you of doing what they do. They bully you into shutting up.

    • Obama is not eligible to be President. All of the documentation is out there. Fake social security number. Forged birth certificate. Phony selective-service registration. All three are felonies. The Congress knows it. The FBI, CIA, and Secret Service know it. His entire history is based on a lie. He couldn’t pass a background check to work in an airport. He isn’t even black. His father was a Kenyan. Kenyans do not consider themselves Africans. They are Arabs. Obama is Arab-American by birth. Not African.

    • America is broke. The money is phony. The government uses accounting tricks. Tricks are lies. Financial calamity is coming. Buy gold, silver, and guns. Buy food.

    • People are getting ready to leave the church and run to God. The religious system can’t save you. Your pastor can’t save you. Nor can his books and tapes. Only the Truth can. Religion has become a business…a spiritual ponzi scheme…shearing the sheep.

    • The government has become your enemy. It makes me sad to say so. If you are a God-fearing Christian they are targeting you. The government hates God. They hate His authority. They want the power for themselves. They will not stop until God is crushed.

    • Your right to own a gun is inalienable. That means it cannot be taken away any more than your skin-color can be changed. It cannot be “registered,” “regulated,” or “controlled.” Guns are not only for deer hunting. They are necessary to protect you from the government. The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment. Gun-grabbers are lying to you. They are making sausage. They want to grind us up.

    • The Devil is real. He is maniacal. Government is his Gestapo. He is furiously at work in “high places.” “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.” No Lord…no liberty. The Devil is a liar. He lies through people. He doesn’t have a tail and horns. He has captured Congress, the Whitehouse, the church house, and your house. People are his mouthpiece. Masons, Illuminati, Talmudic Jews, Academia, and the Media are some of his foot-soldiers.

    • Words won’t stop them. Rallies won’t stop them. Calling Congress won’t stop them. You better take them seriously. All is not well in America. There’s a Devil loose.

That, my friends, is the Truth. Roll around it that aroma awhile. Maybe it will work like an ammonia tablet. Wake up, Dude!!!

Written by Dave Daubenmire.

7 Responses to I’m Sick And Tired Of Lies.

  1. kim says:

    Amen. 100% correct.

    • joe gill says:

      dude i thought i was the only one who thought this way. i am so tired of the people who take the oath to uphold the constitution, only to let it down. they all seem to get in office and then they start taking money from the lobbiest. how can we survive. i didnt think that getting in office was about getting rich, but to serve the people. boy was i wrong. can anyone name a government offical that isnt rich. look how much money it takes to run for president. how can any of these people repersent us in the middle class or the poor. we are just pawns in thier game. sorry i need to stop telling what i think. or maybe i shouldnt be sorry. maybe more patriots like you and me need to speak up. just trying to live the american dream, joe gill

  2. Richard says:

    America has become the land of the lie and the home of the spy. Totally corrupt from the top on down. Wakeup sheeple.

  3. Pamela Lamb says:

    Thank you for posting the truth. I am a veteran of the US Army. My boyfriend is a Marine Veteran. We were both shocked today as we learned about the 4 Marines getting shot. I had just finished reading an article by Judicial Watch about how immigrants, like this guy from Kuwait who shot the 4 Marines are being allowed to stay in the US for two extra years by switching their visas to another kind of visa which allows them to stay longer. This is the stuff nightmares are made of, and we are so sick of all this. We would like to join like minded people who share our opinion, like the one expressed here.

    • david says:

      Hello everyone , just like you I am sick of the lies , the liars on youtube , the liars on the news ,the liars in everyday life .internet and media .Truth is and will always be corrupted by the powerful people that are evil. There are good powerful people in this world but I dont think they will do much to assist change as they are AFRAID. Fear is not a sin. Be comforted my brothers and sisters …….Those who do evil are equally afraid .Be not fearful to know the truth in your hearts.

  4. Gill King says:

    I am fed up, and now finally ready to act. I do not know what to do as a 60 year old American on disability wanting to make a difference in this country. I have been victimized by the child support system, also have been threatened by my health care system. I am ready to do what it takes to fuck the government. I need to know how your beliefs match with mine.

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