Impeachment Of Obama Or Arrest?

Impeachment Of Obama Or Arrest

There is an increasing clamor on the Internet for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama as more and more people wake up to whom and what he is. While there cannot be any doubt as to his complicity and guilt in many nefarious, seditious, and treasonous acts, the method of removal is much more important than 99% of the people seem to realize.

First, in order to lawfully impeach a sitting President he must, in fact, be the President. Only a President can be impeached from the presidency; leaving everything he’s signed in place for his replacement to deal with after his removal. Obama has yet to prove that he’s even an American citizen, much less a natural born one, which is required in Article II of the Constitution.

Secondly, the House of Representatives only has the power to impeach; the assent of the Senate via a trial, presided over by the Chief Justice, is necessary for removal; Obama and the treasonous Democrats have a stranglehold on that part of Congress and we’ve already seen the treachery of the Chief Justice in his ruling on ObamaCare.

The ONLY course I can see in good conscience is his arrest. Doing so will show the world that he usurped the office by deceiving the American people through the assistance of seditionists and traitors. Everything he signed is void since his signature is invalid. Removing him by force, exposing his treachery and fraud, and repudiating his actions since 2009 will go a long way towards setting back the agenda of those who put him in the White House; impeaching him will merely throw him under the bus while still advancing our destruction.

Giving any legitimacy to his actions is a travesty of justice and a curse to our land.

Written by Thomas Mick.

6 Responses to Impeachment Of Obama Or Arrest?

  1. mark says:

    Arrests, include all he placed in office. Hang them all for high treason of the highest degree! Drop all laws created while he unlawfully held the office and all of his administration shall do life in jail. Set a two year, read it… Two year term limits. Do your job and get out! No more executive orders. If it’s unconstitutional it becomes null and void. Put God back in our schools and eliminate the IRS FEMA and CIA. Eliminate the Federal Reserve, and find all the elitists, freeze their bank accounts and start paying down our debt. Then hang them. Anyone on welfare should be drug tested. Food stamps are for food only. A sufficient list of food items should be set and stamps used only on those items listed. Close the boarders, bring our troops home. STOP SPENDING!

  2. Jon says:

    It’d be a move in the right direction but with the corruption in DC I don’t see it happening/

  3. D. Abshire says:

    Promises, promises. When?

  4. c young says:


  5. PlanetPeace says:

    When it poses problematic to impeach BHO, why has he not been summoned/or a subpoena to an independent US state’s supreme court, for instance like the one in Alabama? This, for the fraudulent actions he committed from day one, even before his inauguration? When so many in America can prove BHO’s guilt, how can he continue to escape justice, while genuine US citizens do not? Until he proves his innocence, he has no right to remain the president of the USA. I am not an American, but fail to understand why, when so many Americans know Obama is a fraud, he has not yet been removed from office and prosecuted? What sets him above the Law? Will a member of Militia News please explain this mystery.

  6. AFVet-Ted says:

    I think it’s very simple… we’ve been duped. Obama was brought in his 1st term to UNITE us (fulfilling Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream”), his 2nd term was to D I V I D E the nation. All is going according to plan.

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