Islam Given Specific Line Item Exemption From ObamaCare.

The Affordable Health Care Act specifically exempted Muslims from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam claims insurance is a form of “gambling” and “usury” banning any form of such taxation or legal requirement to participate in such acts.

Muslims were specifically granted a line item exclusion from forced Heath-care… by this Administration and its leadership. Page 107 of the Act contains the language for the exclusion and one can simply Google the Affordable Health Care Act and page 107 to read the language for themselves. Other groups such as the Mennonites and Amish may also be excluded but like all exclusions they will need to be granted a waive by the IRS. What do you think the chances are these Christian groups being granted a timely waiver by the IRS and this Administration?

Maybe we should all think about becoming Amish or Mennonites… they are at least Christian’s. As for the agnostic’s and atheist’s they voted this man in, let them live with their decision.

Written by Ronald A. Nelson.

One Response to Islam Given Specific Line Item Exemption From ObamaCare.

  1. Robeert Darmody says:

    The ASSumption that Atheists and Agnostics are automatically sympathetic to Socialism or revolutionaries who are in charge of this government is false; absolutely in error..

    Atheists, in the main, want to keep religion out of government. Unfortunately, many Atheists don’t understand that things like Socialism and Democracy and Global Warming are also religions.

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