Loss Of Liberty & Apathy In America.

If you boil frogs, they tend to notice and hop out of the hot water; but if you gradually turn up the heat, they don’t notice and get boiled anyway. Join Bill Whittle, as he examines how our society has become the boiling water, and how we stayed in the water because it was so incremental. Our freedoms, everything we hold dear, seems in jeopardy now–how will we be judged by the countless soldiers, and arguers for liberty, from our country’s history?

We must, at some point decide we’ve had enough! Enough cronyism, enough waste, enough lies, enough top-down control over our lives. When will this country wake up?

2 Responses to Loss Of Liberty & Apathy In America.

  1. patrick says:

    In a cataclysmic event.

  2. Steve Meissner says:

    This is so true, we must make and take a stand to keep the rights and freedom we are losing every day. Stand up and do some thing before that water gets too hot. Wisconsin III%

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