M4 – M4A1 Carbine

If I hark back to the days of the Wild Wild West, during the heydays of American machismo otherwise known as Manifest Destiny, I can only think of the ever popular shoot out. The quick and dead, the fast draws, the lawlessness, and the cowboys. Don’t be misled about the speed of the draw though, the quickest isn’t always the victor, one must be on target to be left standing alive. What a timeless lesson we’ve learned.

Today on the battlefield, many people are killed by rifles of various design. Fortunately, most people are killed by the well-designed weapons employed by the US Military. When the US Army rolled into Baghdad, the Iraqis were dumbfounded at how they lost nearly every engagement with small arms, quite frequently suffering center mass and head shot wounds. They were not only just slow on the draw, but couldn’t hit a target either. Instead of relying on a red dot sight and a light weight composite firearm, they used the “spray and pray” method, which usually got them killed. Speed and Accuracy: Introducing the M4A1 Carbine manufactured by Colt Firearms. A Carbine is essentially the same design as a rifle, but with a shorter barrel. The M4 is closely based on the Armalite AR-15 design, but modified to enhance ergonomics, aiming, and speed of use. Ideal for close-quarter combat, this firearm tilts the scale towards life for the war-fighter wielding this weapon.

Caliber: 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Rem.)
Weight: 6.11 lbs (2.771 kg)
Overall length (stock retracted): 29.8 in. (75.69 cm)
Overall length (stock extended): 33 in. (83.82 cm)
Barrel length: 14.5 in. (36.83 cm)
Rate of fire: 700-950 RPM
Rifling: 1/7 RH
Effective range: 600 meters

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