Navy SEAL Pens Open Letter To President Obama.

Dear President Barack Obama,

Our nation’s military has conducted continuous combat operations overseas since September 2001. Our nation’s military has been conducting combat operations overseas for the last 13 years. Thousands of Americans have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. A handful of other Americans have died fighting in various other non-disclosed regions during this same period. Many more Americans have fought and bled for our nation in previous wars.

War memorials are a very important national symbol because they objectively show our nation’s respect and commitment to the deep sacrifices made by other Americans who have served in the United States military during times of war.

War memorials symbolize the deep sacrifices that were made on behalf of our nation. Deep sacrifices that liberated and benefited not only our own citizens but many other nations, peoples and cultures as well. War memorials should be above politics because they are an objective national sign of commitment and respect that our nation objectively holds for those Americans who fought and bled for us all.

Barricading war memorials devalues the deep respect our nation has to current and future service men and woman. This is a very important point to consider because violent actions in war are unsettling. War memorials reinforce national legitimacy of military actions. War memorials also help returning veterans know that the violent loss of close friends and associates is held and placed in national esteem.

Barricading war memorials in our nation’s capital also devalues those sacrifices to our own citizens who have not served. By forbidding our citizens to physically visit and objectively show their appreciation and admiration for those Americans who have served and sacrificed for our nation in times of war, the federal government is devaluing the national stock that is measured in those sacred commitments.

It would not be unreasonable for an astute and educated citizen to begin to question the legitimacy of a democracy that barricades and prevents its citizens from objectively and physically visiting war memorials honoring the sacrifices of other citizens who have fought and bleed for their nation’s liberties and freedoms.

Removing the barricades around our nation’s war memorials will not have an expense on your presidential legacy in the eyes of the American people during this time of great debate. Removing the barricades around war memorials will show that our President is willing to uphold his commitment and respect for the deep sacrifices made by the U.S. military and our service men and women despite potential gains or losses associated with political leverage during a time of great and heated national debate.

President Obama, please do the right thing. Please remove the barricades around the war memorials in our nation’s capital.

Respectfully yours,
William Dennis Brown Jr.
Navy SEAL Iraq Veteran

One Response to Navy SEAL Pens Open Letter To President Obama.

  1. Skip Foss says:

    I don’t think we should ask Obama to take down the barricades we should ORDER that they be removed ,this fool has forgotten that he works for US and his job should be in jepordy by impeachment.This half breed bastard son of a white trash communist muslim whore should have already been impeached for all of the forged and fake documents that he has tried to pass off as proof that he is alegal resident of this country,not only that but for murder of the Begazi Four it was his and Clintons deliberate inaction that had left these men to die to cover up something that the ambassidor had on him. He and his aministration should all be tried for treason for suppling the Muslim Brotherhood with money and weapons,just as he has done with the police forces of this country to suppress US citizens when he orders them to do so. We as Americans have the right to put a stop to put a stop to his dream of being a dicktator by whatever means is neccessary and I do mean what ever it takes

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