Our Natural Right Of Self-Defense.

The Bill of Rights, Article IV, is sufficient for invalidating any attempt by Congress to infringe upon our Right to keep and bear arms of any type or quantity as we see fit. It should become extremely hazardous for anyone in the law enforcement community to attempt to enforce any law restricting that Right as the only effective defense against it is force.

Once we bought in to the argument that the courts should adjudicate such non-laws, surrender to law enforcement and disarmament became “acceptable” to our people. No attempt, except when disarming and arresting someone committing a crime against another citizen or citizens, should be allowed by any citizen; surrendering your arms under such a circumstance effectively forfeits your Rights at that moment and subjects you to abuse by either the officer performing the disarmament or the courts you’re surrendering to.

Officers of the court are sworn to support and defend the Constitution… those attempting to disarm you are violating their oaths and stepping outside the law. The responsible action for a citizen faced with such usurpation is to defend himself against it, not with lawyers but with force. Submitting yourself to a jurisdiction that doesn’t recognize your Right of self-defense is also akin to surrender, since they have already made a determination against that Right by failing to support the Bill of Rights, Article IV.

Remember, the right of self-defense is a Natural Right that is inherent in every man and woman; granted by our Creator at birth and EVERY creature possesses it. Submitting to arbitrary government that would deny you that Right under any pretense is submitting to usurpation, regardless of the terms of any Constitution for such government.

Surrendering your arms is surrendering your life and property; once you’ve disarmed yourself you no longer have the means to protect what is yours, effectively putting it in the hands of any superior force, either criminal or government, that chooses to come and take it. That includes the virtue of your women and children, since you’re also no longer capable of defending them as well.

Written by Thomas Mick.

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