Remington Arms Moving Major Infrastructure Out Of New York And Into Alabama.

New York Dictator/Governor Cuomo can insult and lash out at those he “represents” all he wants, but the idea those he’s attacking will just sit around and take the abuse forever is preposterous. Remington Arms, one of the nation’s largest makers of arms and ammunition, is announcing today that it will invest $87,000,000 into a 500,000 square foot plant in Alabama, which will also create 2,000 jobs. The New York plant will remain open, but with a very likely reduction in jobs and production.

WIBX news said. . .

News sources in Alabama reported on Saturday that an announcement will be made on Monday confirming that Remington Arms is building a new 500,000 square-foot plant in that state and the $87 (m) million dollar investment will mean about 2000 jobs.

Alabama’s Yellowhammer, Military Times and have reported that some of the jobs will be coming from Remington’s birthplace, Ilion, where some 1300 jobs remain.

The Yellowhammer quotes an inside anonymous source at Remington who claims that the Ilion plant will remain open, but with a ‘reduced workforce.’

Cuomo’s office is panicking, trying to spin this and pretend all is well. And while the NY jobs may not immediately be reduced, it can’t be argued that NY is an attractive place for new business. If it could, Remington Arms would be looking to hire another 2,000 New Yorkers with a 500,000 square foot expansion in Cuomo’s territory. But it isn’t. Which tells you everything you need to know.

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