Ron Paul Says We Live In A Police State.

We know we aren’t imagining a problem when a leading intellectual think tank holds a conference specifically devoted to the topic of the American police state. Former Congressman Ron Paul was invited to speak at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute’s event in Houston, titled “The U.S. Police State.”

Dr. Paul, who spent a career delivering babies and then went to congress to fight for liberty, offered his thoughts on a subject he has been discussing for many years, where others dared not tread.

For years, few would listen to Paul, yet he maintained a small yet loyal base of supporters. “Now, everybody knows we live in a police state,” Paul said, acknowledging “a great deal of progress” in waking people up in the past decade.

“All revolutions have been a revolt against the police state. When governments get out of control, they over-control the people.” He continued, “Finally the people rise up, and either the system exhausts itself, or aggravates enough of the people, or the intellectuals come along and find that there is a much better way.”

Paul gave the audience some historical perspective about how a polices state can collapse, taking them back to 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. “The people rose up, and finally they stormed the wall and started tearing it down. Germany was reunified and the Soviet system collapsed 3 years later.”

“I think 1989 was a fantastic year,” Paul said, noting the bravery of one Chinese dissident who stood in front of a column of tanks entering Beijing that year. Paul said he has a framed picture of the “Tank Man” of Tienanmen Square in his office, saying it is “so symbolic of Man against the State.”

Paul says he laments the fact that the American culture makes heroes out of those who have created the highest kill counts and not necessarily those who have stood up for liberty. “The people who are great sharp-shooters, the people who drop bombs, the people who run drone missiles… Everybody that has a uniform now is a hero.”

“But what about somebody who wants to tell the truth?” Paul asked. “What if you have an Edward Snowden who finally speaks out and talks about the truth? He becomes a traitor in their eyes. I call Edward Snowden a true hero like the Tank Man.”

Paul praised whistle-blowers and advancements in information sharing and communicating the message of liberty.

“There is a fair amount of resentment against the police state already,” Paul said. And while the federal agencies are grabbing powers like never before, Paul said he is optimistic, citing the strides of the liberty movement and the exposure of what the government has been secretly doing in secret for so long.

“I have every reason to believe the police state is going to continue to crumble, because its out there” in public consciousness.

Paul went on to discuss economics, competing currencies, and foreign policy.

He described ways to resist the federal government through state nullification initiatives, citing state efforts to decrease drug prohibition and even an initiative in Utah to deny utilities to the NSA’s massive spy center.

“The issues where we are winning are non-partisan,” Paul explained optimistically. Don’t compromise your principles, instead focus on liberties that unite us. “Stick to your guns, believe in something, and you can bring both Left and Right together with this freedom message, I am convinced.”

Paul ended with enthusiasm and encouragement. He said as information sharing increases with technology, and as the the state economic system crumbles, liberty will emerge.

“People are waking up. There are exciting things ahead.”

Watch his 37 minute speech below.

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  1. MorningDove says:

    “All revolutions have been a revolt against the police state.” There is a reason we now have the Daughters of the American Revolution & the Sons of the American Revolution. Many of us had ancestors who fought & died so we could be free today. What a concept. Someone died for us, over 235 years so, and didn’t even know us.

    Just read this novel out ( ) cause it’s precisely about decent Americans who ‘take a stand’ against tyranny. I keep hearing today about everyone wants their freedoms back, but tyrants don’t give them back to the people non-violently. Great article on Ron Paul & to hear him kept in the news.

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