Setup A Phone Tree.

Every militia group should take preparatory measures in setting up a phone tree.

A phone tree is a network of people organized in such a way that they can quickly and easily spread information amongst each other. Phone trees are especially common among parents, who often want to be able to communicate quickly about canceled events and other issues, and they are also used by activists and a variety of other groups as well. Setting up a solid phone tree takes time, but many people feel that it is well worth the effort, since the phone tree can be used again and again.

One easy to way to visualize a phone tree is as a phone pyramid. One person at the top of the pyramid calls two people, who each call two more people, and so on, until every person in the phone tree has been called. This allows people to distribute information quickly, without placing the burden of work on one person. As you might imagine, there are a number of advantages to setting up a phone tree, not least of which is the ability to distribute information quickly in a crisis.

Generally, a phone tree is organized by a single person, to eliminate confusion. The person organizing the phone tree collects information about all of the individuals who should be included in the phone tree. For example, a small rural school might have a phone tree which could be used to notify people about canceled school days and other events of relevance to the school.

Ideally, the organizer would collect at least two contact numbers for each person, including a contact number with an answering machine or voicemail. Once the list of people is collected, it can be divided up to create an organized phone tree, which is copied and given to all members of the group. Because the people at the top of the phone tree are crucial, it is a good idea to pick the most reliable members of the group for these positions, ensuring that information will be passed on.

The decision to activate a phone tree should not be taken lightly. It can be a good idea to discuss situations in which the phone tree would be activated with the people on the phone tree, to ensure that they know what they are getting into by agreeing to be included. As a general rule, phone trees are used for information which requires rapid action. For example, activists might use a phone tree to alert each other to an important event, or a small town might use a phone tree to notify people to evacuate their homes in the wake of a natural disaster. If the information someone wishes to spread is not time-sensitive, it might be better communicated through notes, casual phone calls, or email.

2 Responses to Setup A Phone Tree.

  1. RON says:

    Hello i am a member of the MMM i am disabled but i do have internet access 24/7 and i do have a phone and i believe in are rights as Americans i am interested in your phone tree as i feel we must unite and stand together.Ron Colson Wis,

  2. Paul Hutson says:

    Ive never heard of this before, and agree its a great idea. But not only by phone, but also a backup as in Cb’s and ham radios. Its something I haven’t thought of. that’s something im oing to pass onto some of the leaders in units around me.

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