Shall We Wait Until They Come for Us?

The first American Revolution started with a few brave people. In the beginning most colonists were not ready to take on the world’s best trained and equipped military. And we forget that most of the people who pledged at the signing did lose either their lives or fortunes before it was all over but none lost their sacred honor. Today, few understand the concept of sacred honor.

As I write this there are forces drumming the concept of sacred honor out of the military. Every day another right is quietly transformed into one that requires permission in order to be exercised. And still we go on thinking that things have not quite risen to the level requiring us to take action.

So far, we cannot speak out of turn at a public meeting or we are arrested; we cannot wear apparel that has politically incorrect statements or pictures on it particularly in school; you cannot pass out literature on a college campus without permission even if it is a copy of the Constitution and it is Constitution day; you cannot shoot an imaginary gun at your own home from your own property without being expelled from school; we cannot carry a gun – even in States that have open carry laws- if it frightens someone; we cannot express our religious beliefs in public; if you are in the military you cannot discuss your faith with another soldier even if you are a Chaplain; if you say anything derogatory about Islam you are islamaphobic, a term invented by leftists who want to write laws banning this breach of politically correct etiquette but there is no such word as Chritianophobic or Christophobic; If you are a Muslim you can teach lies but if you are a Christian you may not teach the truth.

Few remember, I am sure, that as Nazi Germany began to rear its head, one of the first manifestations was that school children had to fill out a questionnaire about their families. Among the questions were a few about each student’s ethnic origins and that of their parents and relatives. The kids had to take them home and have them back the next day. Many parents recognized that what looked like a simple survey was indeed trouble, especially the Jewish parents. The Jewish parents were afraid to buck the system because by this time everyone had seen what the Brown Shirts did to people who did not comply and the parents who were of Aryan origins understood that this was not about them.

Not long after those papers were turned in, parents of the Jewish children were notified that their kids would not be allowed to go to college and later the bar was lowered to eighth grade and later still to 4th grade. Along the way they had to turn in their guns then they were made to sew a star on their clothes so they were easily identifiable, then Aryans were not allowed to patronize their shops; then Jews were forced to sell their shops to Aryans for whatever they could get; then they had to sell their chattel to Aryans and give the money they got to the government and so on. The last step for many was a Notice of Deportation which for most meant they were going to a camp from which most did not return.

Today the accusation of an infraction of an environmental or USDA law can result in being descended upon by armored personnel carriers loaded with heavily armed police in helmets and flack jackets and may result in employees standing against the wall not allowed to ask questions about their status while storm troopers rummage through file cabinets collecting evidence. Now I realize this has not yet happened to you but I hope you know that these demonstrations of force are meant to let you know that if you do not stay in line, this and worse can happen to you.

We are witnessing the same progression today that occurred in pre second World War II Germany. Your rights are being curtailed a little at a time and you are being shown what will happen if you resist. Members of the press, and elected officials are being threatened implicitly and explicitly. Every day another protection fades. How long do you think we should wait?

Written by Andrew Reid.

Some additional news articles about having another American Revolution:


We welcome Americans of all races, cultures, and beliefs; we gain nothing from turning anyone away, regardless of the hue of their skin. We do not side ourselves with, advocate, or discriminate against any one particular race or culture; the militia is as diverse as the general population.

There are, however, individuals posting messages on this site claiming to be militias by saying they are of a superior race fighting the “great race war. . . to annihilate the mud people”. These individuals or groups are not militias – they are racists.

18 Responses to Shall We Wait Until They Come for Us?

  1. Thomas says:

    Are the structures even available? So many 2 faced folks, media will not tell truth, bend ears of politicians? Mafia tactics? I am about to lose everything from greed and corruption in my own country as it is given away. I DO NOT want to go on food stamps but getting squeezed every day that direction. Message me on F.B. if you reply

  2. George Harrington says:

    We have been raised to uphold the law which is correct in society, but as the lawful turns lawless it becomes the accepted norm. Good citizens are law abiding.So,It is with unbelief that we view what takes place with complacency and disbelief exerting caution while the evil does not hesitate. The water is brought slowly to a boil and our fate becomes sealed.


    • walt says:

      Well stated.
      When the laws started only to apply to the governed,I knew we were in serious trouble.
      And now, laws being a mockery of the system, who do we claim is the criminal?

  3. JB Campbell says:

    Let’s not worry about the Jews anymore. They’re the ones who got us into this mess, just as they did in the last century. Jews declared economic war on Germany in ’33 and Germany had no choice but eventually to treat Jews as potential enemies. Roosevelt did the same thing to totally loyal Japanese Americans. Many Jews in Germany were not loyal to Germany, but to the Jewish leadership, same as here today. Feinstein can say that all vets have PTSD and should not have guns and not one Jew objects. Israel demands that we attack Syria and Iran and how many Jews object?

    As the guy who started the militia movement, I suggest that you not associate your militia-oriented website with Jewish propaganda. Jews were behind both world wars and the Bolshevik revolution and are still maneuvering us into wars against people they hate.

    • Eckbach says:

      Hats off to JB Campbell, a little candle in the ether of darkness. I get so sick of constantly reading of the evil Nazi as the benchmark comparison for those who would enslave us. Day after day you can’t read Rense et al without running into it. People who should by now know better but are just too lazy to learn. When will they see it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness ?

    • Vlad rhe impaler says:

      I agree, the jews are the ones doing this and the nazis did extensive studies about their behavior. Maybe Hitler and the nazi’s were not perfect but they stuck up for white people and really oppressed people including other jews. Most of the jews in Germany did not want the outside intervention of the zionists and di well in Germany. The Germans only wanted equal representation, something we do not have in America where the jews own/control banking, the fed, hollywood, the MSM and much more. This has been going on for at least 100 years in America in conjunction with the bolsheviks in Russia. They also tried to get sovietism in Germany but with a smart thinking public, failed. I’m glad others are able to see this. I’m a Vietnam veteran and a patriot but also believe national socialism was the cure, not the disease. The nazi’s took control from the zionist bankers and that was the final straw. The Germans loved Hitler and for good reason. He made work respectable, helped join unions with management in factories, and brought humanity to Germany.

    • mothman77 says:

      The anti-National Socialists who write these fake ‘Patriot’ articles are exactly the same type of people as Jewish leading Zionist Theodor Herzl talked of when he stated; “We will lead every revolution against us”.

      These types of people will betray every Gentile to the guillotine or far worse horrors, when the Chabad Lubavitcher 1991 Noahide Laws are fully implemented throughout America during a suitable state of national emergency, whenever arranged by their Jewish friends, when the American constitution is suspended, and all non-Jews are gathered to be guillotined to death on Jew-controlled American army bases throughout the USA.

      The Jewish Chabad Lubavitchers are pressuring their controlled politicians in many countries around the world to bring in Noahaide laws there also.

      The source of the problem, as clearly prophesied by Adolf Hitler, cannot be any clearer than that, and National Socialism is thus not, and never has been a problem, to all those intended to die when the Jewish Noahide Laws are implemented. It cannot be any clearer than that.

      I am so very glad with relief to see other people here who resent the same incessant Jewish propaganda being thrust at us by so-called ‘patriots’.

      The whole damned mess is entirely a continuation of the Bolshevik take-over of America that has always been the intention of the Jewish bankers in Britain and those Jewish bankers acting with them from within the US, to finish the Gentiles.

      How I wish that the initiative of the very Jewish-looking ‘Gentile’, Bill Gates, to reduce the population of the world by ONE BILLION, would be enacted with the very first portion of that one billion to include every single person on the face of this planet that has Jewish DNA, and that the obscenely violent and hateful Jewish religion be banned by law worldwide, then there would be no more wars for the Rothschilds et al.

      Let all wars be outlawed by international law, in a free world of a league of independent National Socialist nations of all races and peoples throughout the world, that all safeguard the freedoms of each other and cooperate with each other in non-exploitive fashion, in keeping with the high ethics of National Socialism, with no more usury practiced between those nations or within them.

      • mothman77 says:

        Further to my own comment above, arms would of course still be needed to preserve those very freedoms, but my suggestion to ban wars would be to stop the Rothschild-inflicted wars as in “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none” (spoken by Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

        The plain fact is, that the right to bear arms to preserve freedom has not been used when it should, evidenced by the 1991 Noahide Laws, that imminently threaten the annihilation of all non-Jews in the USA, and, ultimately, the rest of the entire Gentile world if the Chabad Lubavitchers get their way.

        It seems plain to see, that rather than use their arms for their intended purpose, that the Americans can time and time again just be hijacked and made to murder people around the globe to bring in the JWO.

        Americans could at least vote out, or not even vote in any politicians who refuse to withdraw the Noahide Laws, but like dumb, masochistic, fatalistic and suicidal sheeple they carry on voting more and more of the same genocidal Jewish scum into office in America time after time. That is beyond stupid of them, that is terminally insane.

  4. NSO says:

    The problem is this is hell, and our tormentors are ourselves.

    The People desire, and deserve, the leaders they get. Obama, got elected twice, need a say more? And dont give me “they are all puppets” bit, because either way, they are supported by the People, and paid for by the People.

    All of my life I have heard people complain about the politicians not keeping their promises, all the while they continue voting, and paying their salaries.

    There comes a point, whereby all I hear in “whining”, and complaining, about the choices People make. And that choice is to continue in this insanity, year after year, while giving most people something to bitch about.

    We have become used to this, year after year, because it have never cost us anything, like our lives and fortunes. Actually, for most Americans, having a tyrannical Government has been good for their own lives, and comforts. If Americans are really ignorant, where their prosperity comes from, then they dont deserve the country anyway.

    Most Americans are still under the delusion, that this place is actually a bastion of freedom, when the very founding of this country, was the worst genocide the modern world had ever seen, not your the fairy tale you mentioned in this article, that the Zionist created, and perpetuated in Germany.

    I mean come on, when a group of People travel to a distant land, kill all the People, then set up the worlds most philosophical Government the world has ever seen, that looks so good on paper, just like most Philosophy, but in reality, is no better than what Karl Marx dreamed up, and everyone still is enamored with this insanity, you know the end has come.

    That might hurt many of your EGO’s out there, while you beat your chest, but that is the truth, and I know that honesty, is rare, for such Historical truths.

    If you truly believe, that something great, can be built upon something so terrible, then Im sure as well you still believe that you can as well change the system from within.

    No one is going to do a damn thing. People will resist, and will die like all the others have throughout History.

    Americans today are not exceptional, and the war for independence a fluke, if not funded by the French, Britain, and other interests. In a sense, no different than the rebel fighters in Syria, though Im sure you have some emotional attachment, due to reasons you cant even understand, because there is no real valid reason for you to do so in the first place, after all, that was 230 years ago, 2000 years ago, in correlation to the modern age.

    All these things are mere distractions away from other things anyway.

    You are soon to die, from something that you can never fight, and that is radiation.

    Just wait until no living thing is able to live in Japan, and all of the other 50 reactors melt down. Then, its the west coast. Eventually everyone will have to leave the west coast. Then those reactors melt down.

    Not many People, yet, truly realize how bad the end of the species is going to be, much less that the species is on limited time ‘now’.

    Finally, why die for anyone else beyond family?

    No one else is worth loosing my life for, and I have no friends.

  5. These concerns are all addressed by the NeoVikings. Infrastructure, housing, family life, ecology, long-term family development, social and society development, the works. Cry your tears for America, wash your face, set your eyes on the future, and see if being a NeoViking will help you accomplish your goals.

  6. tom says:

    when they start rounding folks up– and come for the Guns, I would not just hunker down and wait forthem to get to your home 20–hit them were they live/work / in-transit

    if they are not Home burn down the house, so they Know you stopped by to Vist

    everyone MUST be READY to ACT on a LOCAl LEVEL——-the Goon squads will very Quickly suffer a shortage of Officer’s–and just simply will not be able to operate.

  7. mothman77 says:

    Karl Marx stated; “The only purpose of all other races and peoples, both great and small, is to perish in a revolutionary holocaust.” That is what the Jewish invented Communism and Red Revolution in Russia, funded by Jewish American bankers, is all about. Rabbi Steven Wise stated; “Some call it Marxism…, I call it Judaism.”


    This is to be accomplished by the pincer movement of Jewish Communism and Jewish Capitalism to crush the goyim. Hence usurious fractional reserve banking down through the ages to propel the Jews into total power, and now to fund their Al Qaeda mercenaries to foment war in one country after another. The Jewish Torah of the Sephardim states that when the Messiah comes, all the Gentiles in the entire world will be exterminated, and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma (sorry Christian dupes, they never told you that little prophecy did they?). And of course we all already know the Talmud of the Ashkenazim, that states “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”. See, the Jews are all in agreement on what to do with us Gentiles, so we really don’t need to worry about preserving them too much, seeing as they want every last one of us Gentiles dead, and have done for thousands of years, as they arrange one war after another for us to be killed in over countless hundreds of years.

  8. IronPatriot says:

    This blog is really inspiring, but the heavy influence of antisemitism is almost comical. Listen to yourselves!! “The Jews have been planning the financial take-over of America for decades!” That’s what everyone has been saying about Muslims, terrorists, etc. Get off your pedestal! A militia is comprised of a multi-ethnic group of like-minded people, no matter their religious association! To put it bluntly, get your head in the game!

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