The Boot Of American Justice!

Can you smell that? That’s the pungent stank of sweltering scandal bubbling from every orifice of Barack Obama’s shadow government. Shall we count just a few of the ways this administration has defied the rule of law and betrayed the trust of the American people? The IRS abuses its power by investigating conservative groups, businesses, and candidates who oppose big government and/or educate the public on the Constitution; the Department of Justice taps over 20 phone lines of the Associated Press to illegally monitor communications and manipulate reporters;  Operation “Fast And Furious” results in the death of an American agent, and a number of Mexican citizens, as the ATF sells guns to Mexican drug cartels; Obama, with the full knowledge and support of Hillary Clinton, orders the CIA and military to “stand down” as four Americans are brutally murdered in Benghazi at the hands of Islamic henchman.

So just how culpable is Barack Husein Obama? In my experience, nothing happens in government – public works – without direct instructions and/or knowledge from the top; otherwise subordinates risk being disciplined or fired. The real question is…when is enough, enough? There is enough dirt and blood on the hands of this administration to result in enough indictments and prison time to make Watergate look like Romper Room! The dam hasn’t cracked; it’s turning to dust right before our eyes! This is what happens when the media ignores the truth, conspires to conceal it, and a group of extremist, leftist politicians actually believe they can systematically replace the United States Constitution with the Communist Manifesto by passing out copies of Rules for Radicals. Well, for the sake of the life, liberty, and the pursuit of progressive proctology, I have but one nugget of wisdom for our Marxist President: the boot of American justice will fit nicely in that liberal ass! And for the record, we hope it hurts like hell!

If Speaker Boehner, the rest of the Republican party, and Democrats alike don’t stand-up now on the behalf of the American people, fulfill their sworn duty to defend this republic and the Constitution, they never will. And for that crime, they are just as guilty as Barack Obama and his tyrannical thugs. The people are tired of apathy and excuses: we want answers, we want leaders, we want our country back!

Written by: Xavier

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