The CIA Is Treasonously Spreading Misinformation To The General Public

Congressman Peter King has exposed just how alarming the CIA’s actions have been, especially considering there is no consensus within the agency about the Russian hacking theory.

“This violates all protocol. It’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the President-Elect of the United States,” King argues.

Interestingly, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) points out that Congress was never briefed by the CIA about any hacking when the emails were released by Wikileaks.

Further, he, as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has still not received the necessary specifics from the groups within the CIA that purport that Russia hacked these emails.

In fact, the CIA is refusing to perform its duty by not showing up to its absolute governing body, the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

They’ve simply said that they don’t have the time. What else could they possibly be doing? You’d expect the CIA to turn its full attention to a situation of this gravity, which should include moving staff from less pertinent matters over to supposed international interference with our elections!

Why would someone in the intelligence community have the media as their first priority? Surely, if Russia really did hack our elections, our leaders need to know what steps they need to take to ensure this doesn’t happen again, right?

Rather, it seems that the intelligence community is not worried about such a hack happening again. I think that’s because it didn’t happen in the first place.

Congressman King suggests that it seems as though certain factions within the CIA are simply trying to spread misinformation to the general public. Leaking such information to the press is a crime as King sees it.

Congressman King also calls into question the whole theory of Russian hacking. He says that at least he doesn’t think there is proof that whoever gave the emails to Wikileaks was trying to favor Donald Trump.

When you think about it, no one has said these emails are fake. So, if the leaker of the emails was trying to favor Trump, then so was Clinton! You can’t expect to act so underhanded and corrupt and then become president of the United States!

On the other hand, it seems we may be facing a rogue intelligence community that refuses to come to the heel of Congress and is working to undermine the president-elect! What on Earth do you do in this situation? It seems there’s a thriving swamp to be drained here!

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  1. Alan Fraize says:

    Arrest them an prosecute them no one is above the law

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