The Military Purge Continues

Throughout history, whenever a dictator came to power, the first thing such infamous leaders did was to purge the military. Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, at least 197 officers, mostly at the rank of colonel or higher (including 9 senior generals), have been relieved of duty for a variety of reasons, or for no stated reason at all. The real question is. . . who is more likely to fire on the American public? Those loyal to the Constitution, the people, or those loyal to a rogue leader? And this is the very same man who wants to disarm you in the name of ‘public safety’.

Our God-given liberties are systematically being legislated away, the Constitution has been dismissed by the left as a relic, private enterprise is crumbling beneath the boot of socialism, Christianity and patriotism are now symbols of extremism, and Barack Obama’s abuses and lies grow exponentially amidst the diversionary propaganda of an unprecedented power grab. When is someone, anyone, going to stand up and do what is necessary? Twenty years ago Americans would have been marching in the streets and demanding justice. Now? We blog about tyranny amidst like minded friends. When this so-called political game threatens your livelihood, your health, your very freedoms, civilization, right from wrong. . . when does debate and decorum become obsolete? What is the breaking point: for citizens, states, America, humanity, the truth?

Written by Xavier.

6 Responses to The Military Purge Continues

  1. plato says:

    When is someone, anyone, going to stand up and do what is necessary? Is that a call for the Anti-Christ?

  2. Bobby says:

    I, as many, are ready to do whatever needs to be done. I think we are waiting on a leader to emerge and guide us. I would be at every rally and march and overpass there was if I had a job I could take time from. I have not felt that anything would be accomplished at this point by me quitting my job. Waiting on direction.

  3. MountainHome says:

    At least 197 officers have been relieved of position and yet not even FOXNews will cover this story. This is why I continue my reliance on the Internet news. Thank You for bringing this information to us.

  4. how many have self relieved themselves by suicide?

  5. futureman says:

    Ob*ma has a chance to make it into the top ten genocidal maniacs of all time. From 2013 November, this doesn’t seem even fathomable. However, just remember that Hitler didn’t kill 13 million people early on in his reign, either.

  6. JMac says:

    All these officers are being let go because they do not live up to or agree with Obama’s agenda. Why are they not speaking out about Obama and what he is doing. Why are they not trying to make life hard for him. If it is because of their retirement or pension I think they should come through one more time for this country and be the Hero that they have been for most of their life.

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