Think Twice Before Giving Your Thumbprint To Apple.

While there’s a great deal of discussion around the pros and cons of fingerprint authentication — from the hackability of the technique to the reliability of readers — no one’s focusing on the legal effects of moving from PINs to fingerprints.

Biometric authentication may make it easier for normal, everyday users to protect the data on their phones. But as wonderful as technological innovation is, it sometimes creates unintended consequences — including legal ones. If Apple’s move leads us to abandon knowledge-based authentication altogether, we risk inadvertently undermining the legal rights we currently enjoy under the Fifth Amendment.

In the following video Judge Napolitano further warns us of some other dangers. . .

One Response to Think Twice Before Giving Your Thumbprint To Apple.

  1. Mannheim says:

    I don’t mind to have my fingerprints taken, as I have nothing to hide; those who fear it are those that democracy has to defend itself against. This makes it easier and will cause less Sept.11s, may even prevent them totally. The founding fathers of democracy had a state in mind that can prevent it’s destruction and not something nearing anarchy,,where everybody works against authority instead of aiding it.

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