Treason Is Killing Our Children.

We know full well that the treasonous actions of Obama and like minded officials to deny us our Constitutional Rights to self defense has allowed the slaughter of children to occur. They don’t give a damn about our children or anyone else as long as they have personal protection. Their only concern is to disarm Americans so we can’t defend ourselves against a total takeover by the Marxist Communists in government and their low information followers.

No place in this country should be a free fire zone where only criminals have guns, the teachers and every responsible person should be armed. Gun crime goes down where ever the people are armed and goes up when the people are denied their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The police have never had the responsibility to protect the people, nor could they do so if it was their responsibility.

The Marxists in government have a long history of doing everything possible to pass gun control by directly or indirectly making it safer for sick and deluded people to generate negative publicity by killing innocent men, women and children. The best recent example was Operation Fast and Furious where thousands of weapons were given to criminals so that many people would be killed here and in Mexico so that Americans would approve gun control.

School shootings don’t happen in Israel because teachers and administrators are armed to the teeth. Many of our teachers are not very good at teaching, so maybe they could learn to shoot so they could at least protect their students.

Written by Andrew C. Wallace.

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