If You Want To Be Immune To Tasers Just Wear Carbon Fiber Clothing.

It’s no Iron Man suit, but if you’ve got a knack for civil disobedience and often find yourself on the business end of a Taser, the folks at Hackaday discovered that carbon fiber clothing can actually let you shrug off those electric shocks.

To be more specific, they cut open the lining of a sports coat and lined it with endless strips of iron-on no-sew hem tape and carbon fiber tape so that the resulting jacket still had lots of flexibility. The carbon fiber conducts electricity much better than human skin, and since the strips were placed close enough to let the juice flow between them, they were able to dissipate the charge without shocking down the dapper-looking target.

Carbon Fiber Strips

This approach could actually be used to line and protect everything from pants, to shirts, to gloves, and if you had the budget, you could probably stitch together entire wardrobes from carbon fiber. Just skip the part where you harden it with epoxy and you should be able to move fine. Not that you would use this power in any situation from which you’d need to run quickly, of course.

Wear Carbon Fiber Clothing

54 Responses to If You Want To Be Immune To Tasers Just Wear Carbon Fiber Clothing.

  1. Kevin says:

    Misleading title. That isn’t a tazer that is a stun gun. A tazer on the other hand shoots 2 darts into you and unless that suit blocks darts then you’ll just be doing the “crappy flop” in a nice suit while being electrocuted. Now if it will actually stop darts send me 2.

    • a teacher says:

      A stun gun shoots the barbs at you…..thus the word gun in it. Tazers are hand held….I wish the world would think before posting.

      • wurz says:

        Taser is the name of the company that makes the barb firing handheld units. I wish people would learn before posting. .

      • tedalton says:

        Taser is a brand name for a device that shoots barbs connected to the device by conductive wires to deliver a high voltage electric shock from a distance.
        Stun gun is a generic term for a hand held device to deliver the same electric shock but from direct contact.
        Kevin is correct, you are wrong in your correction.

        • Frank Gordon says:

          Uh…I thought one of them shot the pepper spray-hence the “gun” part? OHhhh…this is too much data…..

      • Kenneth Folsom says:

        “A stun gun shoots the barbs at you…..thus the word gun in it. Tazers are hand held….I wish the world would think before posting.”

        Stun guns predate tasers. Do some research before you post. You have it backwards.

        • larry says:

          You my friend are rather stupid..do your research and see that stun gun is hand held tasers shoot little prongs into you to deliver a shock whenever they want to..stun gun is hand held and can only be used with direct contact..simple ass

      • stitch jones says:

        Taser is a brand name for a stun device with replaceable cartridges that does in fact shoot barbs into the skin henceforth resulting in most people calling all STUN DEVICES tasers. Also the spelling is t-a-s-e-r not t-a-Z-e-r.

      • Rich says:

        Sorry dude, you have it backwards. A stun gun is a direct contact weapone regardless of it’s name. A Taser is the one that shoots the darts and is actually the name of the company that produces them, not a general phrase to refer to an item.

      • MasterBlaster says:

        Wrong it’s exactly the Opposite…, look it up… Doesn’t make sense but it’s true…

      • Sam says:

        You have this backwards. Tazers shoot darts. That is what defines them stun “guns” are mostly hand held, although Tazers are also, technically, stun guns. Most Tazers in current production also have contact points and can work without shooting their darts.

      • Horsecock Johnson says:

        “A Teacher”, of what? You just went full retard. What else do you want to “teach” us? You may want to stay of the Internet, you could hurt yourself.

        • ZipZopBibbityBop says:

          Hey! Does anybody work here?? Can I get a coffee and a doughnut???

        • Frogman says:

          Woah…here come the clowns. A slangin’ mud! I feel like I’m back in the 5th grade!

          • michael3ov says:

            You’re correct. It seems that too many fail to realize that you need a little more than just guns to ‘fight tyranny’. You need to be capable of civilized discourse as well as possess a modicum of intelligence. Acting like you just heard the bell for recess certainly doesn’t reflect these values.

        • michael3ov says:

          It’s so easy to be a complete ass while on the internet with networks in between you and the person you’re talking to, isn’t it? You may want to come to the realization that people make errors, although tasers do have a drive stun in which you make contact without firing, and try to have a bit of civility. Otherwise, retreat within your cabin and keep your mouth shut on issues such as weapons and 2A rights!

      • youstupidfuck says:

        BAHAHAHAHA You stupid fuck! keep your cock sucker shut next time.

        • michael3ov says:

          Wow are you still in high school? Educated individuals that possess even a menial amount of sense tend to not speak in that way. I certainly hope you are not armed or participate in any Second Amendment rights organization because you aren’t helping.

      • Reaper19D says:

        A Taser is a gun that shoots 2 wired barbs into it’s target. Taser is the company name bro. Trust me, we carried Taser M-18 and Taser X26 every day in my unit. A stun gun on the other is the dumb name because it is in fact a handheld device that you press to skin and zap their fucking eyeballs liquid.

        Cpl. Reaper

      • BinTazdBinStund says:

        Sorry, oh wise one. However, you are incorrect. Stun Guns are the ones that much be pressed against the target while Tazers are the guns. This is English, it is not a static language and may be misleading to the novice. It is also the only language in which one may use two positives to denote a negative. I know, yeah, right, you can’t do that. Well, I just did.

      • Mr_Hyde_Anon says:

        Hey “Teacher”, what do you teach? A CommonCore class in MORON101?
        YOU should do some research, ROTFLMFAO!!
        A taser shoots twin darts and can be used from a distance of at best, 25 feet.
        A stun gun has two prongs that a charge arcs across and must used close in.
        There is a relatively new WIRELESS eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP) that delivers a 20 second charge of 500 volts and can shoot distance of 100 feet.
        Teacher- wanna make a wager, my taser gets you before your stun-gun gets me…?
        And I actually own a couple of stun guns and one taser. To appreciate them, I instructed a friend to use them on me.
        A Taser (brand name) is brutally worse as the wait for the darts seems eternal, then WHAM!!
        Whereas the hand holding stun gun inches closer and allows mental prep.
        “I wish the world would think before posting”<=AZZ hat.
        Teacher likely voted for Barackabar O as well. AND STILL blindly supports the jerk, I bet….

      • Pierre Aston says:

        Umm, youre dumb. TASER is Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle, and the company owning that name produce products that shoot barbs out. Stun gun is indeed what is pictured. So congratulations. In youre attempt to make someone else look dumb, you just did it to yourself.

    • George says:

      I might be wrong here, but I do believe electricity takes the easiest path available.
      If the barbs are in both the carbon fiber and skin, the more conductive carbon fiber should eat the brunt of the charge and leave minimal amounts passing through the skin.

      • stitch jones says:

        Carbon fiber is not electrically conductive. Also the electrical current is DC voltage which always needs a – negative path to the original source of voltage which is the + positive just like a common household battery except it holds over one million volts in most good ones, luckily the amperage is fractional otherwise we would lose body parts. AC current finds path of least resistance to Ground. So if the + barb gets you and the other – barb does not penetrate skin you will have a fair chance of pulling the other barb out.

    • Lucifer says:

      Even if barbs penetrate your skin, carbon fiber is still a far better conductor. It will take most of the current, but you will get a zap. It won’t hurt as bad as if you weren’t wearing armor, and it might not do much to the muscles because of the reduced current.

    • fake says:

      Not being a part of a militia and not knowing anything weapons, well a small amount. At anyrate, before they had the “Stun Gun” as people are calling it, they had the “Tazer”. Which we called a stun gun, Tazer or the thing that guys father owns that makes ya fall on the ground and shake. Usually we were doing things to make us do that anyway when the guy would pull it out. But, my point is I had no issue with what the device was called and am glad to know that the carbon fiber can negate the hand held shocker thing. πŸ™‚

    • riley says:

      well seeing as it has iron strips in its it could stop a barb. and also the electricity would flow through the barbs even if you are touching them. it takes to path of least resistance and metal has alot less resistance then flesh

    • michael3ov says:

      Actually Taser products, the name of the company, also have drive stun in which the weapon doesn’t fire projectiles but operates with contact.

    • JT says:

      Since electricity takes the path of least resistance and if the fabric is more conductive than the human body. The electrical current of a Taser would go through the fabric, the path of least electrical resistance, rather than your body.

  2. gregor says:

    I would BeLive the folks at Hackaday will be getting a lot of business, very soon. The decided statement will of course depend on the price, I will be going to their website, as soon as I post this.

  3. Chris Kingston says:

    I’m down I wonder if they can work in si other features like hidden pockets. Fire retardant or maybe a pocket hood to avoid pepper spray. Definitely going to check it out.

  4. Rich says:

    My problem with this product is – If the Taser doesn’t work, wouldn’t it be likely that the next option would be to shoot you? Or beat the sht out of someone with a baton? The introduction of the Taser brought in a new level of less damaging methods of bringing a suspect to a stop regardless of what people are makeing it out to be.

    • riley says:

      they would have to put alot of amps through it to burn the carbon fiber. enough to where if you wherent wearing one you would be dead. i take 400-500 milliamps to kill someone. and around 5-10 amps to burn carbon fiber.

  5. Lucifer says:

    Hey, there, Hackaday. Great idea, though here’s a problem for you to tackle. Carbon fiber will burn if too much electricity passes through it. I’ll talk to some people about what sort of coating could eliminate the burn potential, yet keep the carbon fiber far more conductive than the skin.

    Also, the aluminum tape sold in hardware stores is an even better conductor than carbon fiber, and it won’t burn.

  6. Chris says:

    Ok ppl lets just simplify this, taser or stun gun doesnt matter, they both shock the sh*t outta you, yes taser is just a name brand just like band aids are actually adhesive bandages, yet everybody calls them band aids. Or you could look at coca cola, it dont matter if the restaurant your at serves pepsi products, you still ask for a coke or vice versa

  7. bennyboy says:

    What if you just kept your mouth shut and complied with the police officer if you by chance find yourself in that position? Then you wouldn’t have the need for a carbon fiber lined sport coat. And for the Dumbass who tried to make someone else look as retarded as himself by correcting the OP with a bunch of incorrect information. You sir are an idiot, what kind of teacher are you again?

    • BinTazdBinStund says:

      Never comply. Doesn’t mean resist or flee or attack. Simply do nothing at all. I’d prefer to have a tazer proof jacket just in case. I’ve had cops try to put cuffs on me with no charge, threaten a charge of resisting then pull their tazer. I can handle the hit but I prefer not to.

  8. kjschrekjschreev says:

    “TASER” is an acronym for Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle.

  9. Derrick says:

    You people are animals. Why else are those corrupt people not behind bars or dead? Fighting/arguing with each other keeps us distracted from the real issues. The government is not keeping us back, it is us keeping each other down. FOCUS!

  10. le tigre says:

    Carbon fiber with a kevlar backing bang bang boom. Critical thinking people, we have the technology. THINK before you HATE! πŸ˜‰ world peace bchz!

  11. http://i.word.com/idictionary/Taser Main Entry: TaΒ·ser
    Pronunciation: \ˈtā-zΙ™r\
    Function: trademark
    β€”used for a gun that fires electrified darts to stun and immobilize a person. that should put it into that little debate besides in order for those Prongs send electricity into your skin they must send the current down a wire…….that wire will be coming into contact with the strip inside the clothing diffusing the electrical charge before the current can finish its trip to the Prong

  12. Mr wtf says:

    Um….there are a ton of ignorant people commenting on this thread.
    It’s not made of iron. It’s iron on.
    Carbon Fiber conductive.
    It doesn’t matter which device it is. Electricity takes the path of least resistance. If the barbs are in your skin, they are going through carbon fiber first. (Comprende?)
    Alright, taser…stun gun. Just look it up before you start embarrassing yourself.
    And all this, “your right, I was wrong””, “your wrong” business is ridiculous. Who’s been up for 36hrs? Because it appears that many of you have from your comments.
    Someone is always out there trying to make their self feel superior from correcting someone…even if its incorrecting them.

  13. Earl Salisbury says:

    Sounds like this could work. This is strait out of Stargate where some has armor that dissipated a blast from and energy weapon. Add to the garment some layers of kevlar impregnated with shear thickening fluid so you are somewhat bulletproof and you might be able to get the better of the domestic terrorist cop who is trying to violate your Constitutional Rights.

  14. Kat says:

    Tasers are the <3cute pink ones with the frillies and stun guns are usually blue and they have cooties. (yuck!)

  15. Rocky Soil says:

    A name brand Taser and a generic stun gun do not even function in the same manner. It is the technology each employs that makes them different, not whether they are shot or directly applied to the body. Both devices can be configured to perform either way; although, every commercially available stun gun I have personally seen uses direct contact. I have personally seen Taser devices that use both methods.
    Taser interrupts the muscle control signals in the body by operating at a specific set of frequencies and amplitudes. This incapacitates the person by taking control of their muscles away from them. A stun gun uses high frequency and low current to cause pain. Extremely high voltage units can cause burns and deplete blood sugar. The pain/ reduced blood sugar can cause unconsciousness.

  16. Zippy the chimp says:

    If the carbon fiber is a good conductor and enough is used in the clothing it could act as a giant Faraday cage.

  17. Clifford Morse says:

    Im ashamed at all those who would bicker, bitch, cuss one another and fight over such trivial stuff. someone is thinking and sharing to help fellow patriots , test,improve or shut up all you negative individuals go to Facebook for that crap, were serious here Thank you!!!

  18. finchy says:

    the “gun” that shoots the barbs is called a taser due to the company name (thomas a swift electronic rifle) which he developed for hunting at first but they made it mor accessible for law enforcement and groups like that!!

    stun gun is the handheld close proximity device

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