We Are Already In Stage One Of Martial Law.

In a nation that prides itself on being the “Land of the free” and “Home of the brave”, a cursory (and realistic) look at the developments in this country since 9/11 will illustrate that America can no longer back up those lofty claims.

In a land where all of our communications and internet activities are recorded and scrutinized, where government and corporations control the food we eat, regulate our health care and control the media, where any one of us can be arrested and detained indefinitely for the mere suspicion of terrorist ties without the Constitutional protection of due process, where surveillance drones criss-cross the skies, where international banksters control our currency, where our president maintains a “kill list” and cowardly executes American citizens and innocent bystanders with impunity from thousands of miles away – and most telling – when the government agencies and departments that are supposed to protect us from external threats are hurriedly arming themselves to the teeth as they attempt to remove our right to protect ourselves, I would posit that America is no longer free and the powers that be are nothing even resembling brave.

I believe the groundwork for martial law has been being laid for over a decade now. Incrementalism is the preferred tactic of the cowards who endeavor to enslave us – keeping us docile, distracted and brainwashed as the hand of tyranny slowly tightens its grip around the throat of liberty.

I believe that martial law is already here.

And I am not alone…

The following is an article by fellow RBN host; Dave Hodges (host of “The Common Sense Show” on Sunday nights – right after Survival and Beyond) detailing a recent interview he gave for “The Voice of Russia” radio program.

Stage One

Stage one of martial law consists of the gradual roll-out of government controls over citizen liberties. Travel is restricted through inland border checkpoints and travel restrictions carry over into Stage two. The internal DHS VIPR programs which randomly search citizens at public events and on the highways are now in place. Citizens are conditioned by the TSA that they do not control or own their bodies as the flying public is molested by the TSA everyday in our nation’s airports in an extreme violation of our citizens Fourth Amendment rights. Stage one also begins to create an enemies list and we have already seen this in the MIAC report in which Christians, Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, Libertarians and Constitutionalists have been branded as domestic terrorists. The enemies list has been created and will be acted upon at a future date. In Stage one, the government elevates itself above any pretense of constitutional liberties.

In Stage one, the legal mechanisms are put into place which will allow for a more orderly transition to martial law. In the United States there are two distinct provisions which will firmly place the United States under martial law. On December 31, 2011, while the country was preparing to celebrate, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA permits the government to arrest anyone without the due process of law and detain them indefinitely without any legal representative.

Although I did not have the time to tell the Russians about Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson’s legal opinions which legitimize unconstitutional arrests but also sanctioned the unwarranted executions of American citizens. Referring to Attorney General’s legal opinion, Eric Holder has stated that Obama can order the execution of Americans. This legal opinion was based upon a legal brief prepared by newly nominated DHS director, Jeh Johnson, when as senior legal counsel to the Pentagon, he had previously issued the same legal opinion.

The NDAA will allow the administration the legal right to secretly remove any burgeoning leadership of citizen opposition forces. The second provision which will allow this country to quickly transition to martial law is Executive Order (EO) 13603 which allows the President to take control over any resource, property and even human labor within the United States. This EO gives the President unlimited authority including the ability to initiate a civilian draft as well as a military draft. In short, this spells the potential enslavement of the American people. The Russian host was uncomfortable with my recitation of these two draconian dictates.

America has been firmly under Stage one martial law governance and it started in the aftermath of 9/11.

Stage Two

In Stage two, martial law implementation becomes obvious to all citizens except for the ones who invoke cognitive dissonance as a psychological coping mechanism. Stage two is marked by increasing restrictions on travel, the loss of free speech and the right to assemble to air grievances against the government. Stage two also witnesses some level of pushback by the citizens through various forms of civil disobedience.

    Press release date: April 4, 2012

    Owner: Department of Homeland Security

    Project Description:

    Shelters Direct provided the Department of Homeland Security with this 4×13 Steel UL 752 Level 3 Bullet Resistant Booth.

    This guard building features a standing seam hip roof, a thru-wall HVAC unit, (2) UL 752 BR Level 3 sliding doors, UL 752 Bullet Resistant Level 3 glass and a Low]E coating.

    DHS bullet proof checkpoint. “Papers Please”

The TSA “grope granny” approach to airline security greatly intensifies in this stage. The Russian host posited the view that airline security is a normal part of life and a necessary part of airline security. Having our genitals groped by pot-bellied perverts in blue uniforms is a normal part of life? Control of the media is the same regardless of the country of origin.

In Stage two, the free internet as we know it, will disappear. Subsequently, the truthful, alternative media will disappear as well. Stage two is also characterized by the total loss of due process of law with regard to detainment, imprisonment or worse. This stage is also marked by limiting participation of members of the society who have been previously identified as enemies of the state (i.e. MIAC Report). This would include the ability to hold certain kinds of employment, a special designation on a form of national ID, the imposition of restrictions on who can marry, where one can live, etc.

Stage two also witnesses the total loss of private property and free will in terms of choice of domicile (i.e. Agenda 21), choice of employment and exercising any form of political choice. In short, Stage two is characterized by creating a political caste system in which the legal rights of certain groups are set in place (i.e. NDAA, Executive Order 13603, etc). The MERS mortgage fraud inspired thievery of legitimate home titles and the MF Global theft of privately secured investment accounts are cases in point. Stage two is often preceded by a false flag attack (e.g. burning of the Reichstag) designed to create a perceived enemy which serves as the excuse for the encroachment of “necessary” tyranny in a society in which “we must trade our liberty for security” approach to governance.

The interview time frame did not permit me to speak to Stage two and beginning of civil disobedience. If I would have had another few moments, I would have spoken about how the veterans defied the shutdown of the monuments during the government shutdown. I would have also detailed how the good people of Northern California and Southern Oregon (i.e. the proposed State of Jefferson) want to withdraw from their respective states so they can better counter federal abuses. There is also a similar movement in Eastern Colorado that I would have spoken about. We will remember these events as the Lexington and Concord of the American resistance movement.

Stage Three

Stage three martial law has given history some of its darkest days. Warrant-less detentions become common place in which suspected political dissidents are removed from society, usually in the middle of the night. The Russians should be able to identify with this practice. In modern terminology, these would be referred to as the “Red list” which tagged its “troublesome” citizens who are detained and normally executed. These include outspoken preachers, outspoken talk show hosts and people who have any kind of history of civil disobedience. This speaks directly to the type of abuses that Ed Snowden has warned America about. Many of us in the alternative media have sources which speaks to the fact that the massive NSA surveillance grid has created a weighted enemies list and every American has been assigned what is euphemistically referred to as a threat matrix score. These scores are fluid and change as one’s demonstrated “loyalties” happen to change.


It is an eerie feeling to experience the corporate controlled media, Russian style. The clear agenda of the interview was to cast doubt on the claims being made that martial law is in our future. I told the host that to some degree, we have been under soft martial law since 9/11.

The interview was to be scheduled to air later on the same day as the pre-recorded session. I was told that the interview will go back to “Russian headquarters”, processed and then distributed widely in 39 countries from which the Voice of Russia broadcasts.

It would not entirely surprise me if the Russians scrubbed the interview because I did not permit the host to control the narrative. My close friends and family asked me why I did the interview with the main media outlet for Russian government? No, I am not sympathetic to the Russian worldview, I am an American first and I don’t trust the Russian government any further than I can throw them. I may strongly object to the policies of the bankers who have hijacked my government, but I am a loyal American, first and foremost, and am committed to the ideals of the Constitution. I did the interview for one simple reason. I am trying to convey the message that we are all one humanity and we have the same enemies.

Most people of the world are good, loving people. To move up the ladder in the government power structure requires a ruthless, psychopathic approach. This is why we see such inhumane decisions emanating from governments around the world. The people who aspire to this level of power are generally mentally ill psychopaths. Consequently, I want the citizens in 39 countries who will hear my story to identify with the fact that we, as the people of the world, have a lot in common with each other, regardless of national origin. I want foreign citizens, as well as American citizens to come to realize that the enemy of humanity are the ruthless bankers who control the governments of the world. I want people to know that we are all God’s children and, as such, we should never allow ourselves to be manipulated to take up arms against each other. I am on a mission to convey these ideals and that is why I spoke with the Russian media.

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19 Responses to We Are Already In Stage One Of Martial Law.

  1. T says:

    Excellent article

  2. Richard Cotromano says:

    It looks like the attack on 911 on the WTC had it’s planned effect.Ever since that horrible day people have been willing to give up more and more freedoms for security.It’s sad that so many American patriot’s gave up their lives and many crippled or maimed to svae our republic only to have it pissed away by anti-American politicians and un-informed sheeple who vote for them!I pray that real AMERICANS will eventually wake up and smell the Kool-Aid,but don’t wait too long cause the TRAITOR in the W/H is determined to bring this country down before his term is up.I hope his “term’ will be in Gitmo!


    It has become clear under the Obama liberal progressive democrat machine control of our government that we no longer live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    But when and by whom will the revolution be designed and implemented?
    There is as of now no clear revolutionary leader.
    Can a revolution happen without a leader?
    Does the internet provide a new paradigm for revolution?
    Can a nation like ours be brought to a standstill without an armed rebellion?
    Will technology be our weapon and the nation’s infrastructure be the target? Will “Hackers” be our commanders?
    Are we prepared for the suffering?
    Even as politically motivated as we are, I still don’t think we’re ready.

  4. Brenda says:

    We began our descent into martial on Sep 11, 2001. With the implementation of the Patriot Act, the start up of DHS, and the further incroachments of the NDAA. The warning was issued long ago, when you willing give up freedoms for security your descent into tyranny begins. We allowed the government to intimidate us, and still to this day continue to use intimidation as a means of control. Are we safer today with all the government infringments of our rights? No, I do not fear the AlQuada threat nearly as much as the threat of our own government.

  5. grayjones says:

    This article should be followed with this. “On Lake Tanganyika, the natives have a very interesting way of catching fish. There, on the equator, the Sun shines straight down through the water. The natives take blocks of wood and string them along a long rope. They stretch this rope between two canoes and, with these abreast, begin to paddle toward the shoal water. By the time they have reached the shoals, schools of fish are piled and crowded into the rocks and onto the beach. The blocks of wood on the rope made shadows which went all the way down to the bottom of the lake. And the fish, seeing the approach of these shadows and the apparent solid bars which they formed in the water, swam fearfully away from them and so were caught.

    A man can be driven and harassed and worked upon by aberrated people about him until he, too, conceives shadows to be reality. Should he simply reach out toward them, he would discover how thin and penetrable they are. His usual course, however, is to retreat from them and at last find himself in the shadows of bad health, broken dreams and an utter disownment of himself and the physical universe.”…L. Ron Hubbard

  6. Mumster says:

    If this definition of Stage 1 of Martial Law is accurate (I believe it is sound), then the conclusion is correct. We are facing tyranny and fascism in our own land. We must step back from our policy of policing the world and police ourselves. Our beloved Constitution is under attack and We the People are going to suffer dire consequences from our lack of action.

  7. bahmi says:

    As stated on some other sites, a potential Democratic candidate for president in ’16 has had intrigues that lead some to believe this candidate has been associated with dozens of murders.
    I would hope people are aware that we’ve had war criminal presidents like Eisenhower, Truman, etc and are quite likely going to have same after the next national elections.

    Fear and loathing has come to America.

    • james sigafoose says:

      On this veterans day, thinking of all who gave the surpreme sacrifice,Ias those men and women, am willing to die , to protect the freedom of all.

  8. Bill stevens says:

    Where are the “Heros” and “leaders” ? the People (not leaders) in Washington seem to be interested more on re-election then correcting the path to socialism driven by the (not our) President. He seems to be the President of a select special group. All of the “special” benifits that have been accepted by our elected officials has created a class of “royality” that defies explanation.(and we always relect them)shame on us…..again where are our “HEROS”

  9. Im an veteran myself like my dad,the goverment sucks,they need to get there heads out of there asses n see that WE THE PEOPLE, are having a hard time, n please bring our boys home,im a proud american,i believe in the 2nd amendment n proud to say that I do carry my handgun,n will defend my family n freinds n this country to the best of my ability,from my dead cold hands is the only way you will get my weapon from me. Signed JAMES (TWO EAGLES) BELISLE

    • patty says:

      Yes I’m sure many Americans agree we all have a rough road ahead of us. We definitely need a better and competent leader. I am. So far so disappointed in the presidential campaigning that’s going on do juvenile right. I’m worried about what’s in store for all of us, it is looking pretty grim and no solutions in the making as of yet. But it looks like people are making things worst by causing more problems by mouthing off than calling for gatherings to put our heads together to help with getting us out of this mess we’re in. We leave it up to the Government and higher-UPS but evidently they haven’t a clue. Well everyone hang on for probably the bumpiest ride we’ve ever been on besides our wars of course and the men and women who fought the keep us safe and free. Thank you all and the citizens need to do our part.

  10. brad says:

    So what we need to do is get the word out. Like Paul Revere did he road a horse from town to town yelling “the British are coming” We need to use The postal service. the INTERNET, make videos on dvd and leave them on everyones doorstep . We need to wake up the sheep before the slaughter happens.Most likely then a prominent leader will step forward.
    Isn’t our responsibility to do so? After all they are few but we are many.
    All our military and ex military swore an oath to defend our constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic(tyrannical Government).
    I am ex military and I never renounced that oath.
    So lets start with a prayer “lord who art in heaven hallowed be thy name , forgive us the sins we have committed against others as we forgive them the sins they have committed against us , lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for yours is the power and the glory forever and ever, in the name of our savior Jesus Christ Amen”
    Was this Country not based on “In God We Trust”?
    As Satan tries to usher in the “New World Order”
    The Saints will rise up against him and they we be overcome.
    What the government is truly after are “Christians” they want them all dead.

  11. Smith says:

    The American Patriot has a steep hill to climb to achieve Constitutional Liberty again.
    We are beset with Amendment 21 claims against property everywhere and the freedom to utilize it as you wish and sometimes to even use your property or to even prevent it from being taken from you if some bureaucrat wishes.
    Then there’s FEMA with those Concentration Camps manned and ready to accept all the “undesirables.”
    And you ask who might be the “undesirables?” The answer is not illegal aliens or their ilk, it’s the Patriots and Constitutionalists, the old, useless folks, the potential anarchists, and the veterans. Those in power won’t forget those whose emails and phone calls were intercepted and gave them away when they spoke of governmental wrongdoing. Nor the preppers who have food and a fortified installation designed to ward off the masses of starving refugees fleeing the cities.
    Looking for a leader to spearhead the revolution? You’ll never find him. The government is a hammer and every time a nail rears its threatening head… Wham! and the media covers it up while the would-be leader disappears into a dungeon somewhere with all assets seized, no attorney available and the charge of terrorist. Yes, Obama has equated veterans with terrorists so those worthys have a sword hanging over their head.
    Yes, it would be fortunate if we had a famous, multimillionaire leader to give the call to arms and do it so swiftly and effectively that the government could not respond timely nor adequately–A call that would get the Military to rebel also.
    Otherwise those who have stated “you can have my gun when you can pry it out of my cold, dead fingers” will meekly surrender their weapons when the alternative is death.
    A touch of reality is necessary in a time of duress. Like right now.
    Let us pray for deliverance and stay ready for it.

  12. SortingHat says:

    Would we be better off under top down Marxism to get rid of these rich greedy bankers who are parasites?

  13. SortingHat says:

    You think it’s bad now. Wait till Microsoft owns what’s left of the PC industry and with their back door access to the US Government enacts a Windows 10 national security law that forces you to have at least one copy of Windows 10 in your home so they can *keep you safe” and “help you” improve your lifestyle.

    Don’t believe me search on Bing or Google for (Windows 98 NSA key being stopped) issue which thankfully didn’t happen and it was a concern back them among those aware in the industry now the back door *key* is a reality since Windows 8.

    Microsoft is putting the head guy of Linux in court and the distros are under threat as Microsoft is going after what makes them work and function as good as they are because mass amount of people are going to Mint and Cinnamon.

    There is a linux based company that experiments in programs and makes them available in the Linux *store* for GUI based Linux distros and MS doesn’t like that one little bit.

    Over 80 percent of world computers uses a distro of Linux which in itself is worrying since for a long time Linux has been considered the *safe* alternative of Windows which Linux until recently has never been hacked. Linux has no anti virus unlike Windows but now that needs to be thought over again.

    A month ago a server of Linux got severely hacked.

  14. Obbop says:

    Wondering if the USA needs a Revolutionary War Two or if a military coup using the Constitution as a base and altering the immense government and bureaucracies existing now into a more individual citizens friendly entity with a gradual return to civilian control is the better option.

    The growing tyranny in all aspects of the USA is worrisome.

  15. Em says:

    I would like to receive your blog/newsletter, please.

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