Woman With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Six Robbers In Houston.

Here’s another example of concealed-carry permits being effective in everyday life. A woman in the Houston area experienced a traumatic event in which her concealed carry handgun came to the rescue.

A woman whose husband was being accosted by six men in a Houston area Denny’s pulled her concealed carry handgun from her purse and opened fire on the robbers.

The wife was in the restroom, and when she came out she saw her husband lying on the floor, the group of robbers nearby. Police say she then “pulled her gun and shot at them.”

It appears the robbers shot back and police say there was a shootout. The robbers were apparently running as they shot.

“No bystanders or customers” in the restaurant were injured, and the robbers “fled the scene.”

The brother of the robbery victim praised the woman for doing what she did and said, “Self-defense saved my brothers’ life.”

What more to lawmakers need to see in order to understand why concealed carry permits are so important to many Americans? Clearly both this woman’s life and her husband’s life were saved by her carrying a concealed weapon. With effective training in both the use and safety in owning a weapon, concealed carry permits can be extremely effective. This woman was able to stop six robbers that could have potentially gotten away with the crime.

Written by Heather Ginsberg.

One Response to Woman With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Six Robbers In Houston.

  1. Sheila says:

    You go lady. More women need to be able to defend themselves and the people around them. Men too. But the bad guys expect it from men not women. Just be sure if you carry that you can absolutely fire the gun at a person. Hats off to this lady for being prepared and taking action. I am a Houston citizen.

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